Gatwick Airport to/from London

Gatwick is one of London’s key international airports. Situated near West Sussex, it is the second busiest airport in the entire country. For a transfer from Gatwick to London or vice versa, you can rely on buses, trains and cabs to make the journey. At a distance of around 29 miles, it generally takes more than an hour to travel from Gatwick to London.

When looking to travel to and from Gatwick Airport, you can either take the London Gatwick Express train or a convenient bus transfer. Shared public cabs can also drop you off at your desired location. Train travel is the costliest option but takes a mere thirty minutes, so it is an excellent choice if you want to cut down your travel time. Travellers can also use an Oyster card to ride by train from Gatwick to London. In the absence of an Oyster card, you can opt for the bus transfer option to save some money too.

Even though the airport began operations in 1920, commercial flights only started using it from 1933. The airport is also the second busiest one-runway airport in the world. However, you can easily secure transfers to London, considering the hectic nature of the city. Book a bus or train transfer a few days early to ensure hassle-free transportation to and from the airport.

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London Gatwick Express Tickets

Superfast Train to/from Central London
  • Trains available every 15 minutes
  • An affordable journey between central London and Gatwick Airport