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  • Get free, one-time access to three attractions in New York City.
  • With the NYC Explorer Pass, you can choose three attractions from a list of 82 attractions like Yankee Stadium, the Empire State Building, and the Met.
  • The NYC Explorer Pass gives you free, one-time entry to three attractions, saving you up to 50% on entrance tickets had you purchased them separately at the gate. In addition, you get additional shopping, dining and entertainment discounts that help you save more along the way.
  • Get free, one-time access to a selected number of attractions in New York City.
  • With the New York All City Pass, you can choose the duration, starting with 1, 2, 3 or 5 days to explore the list of available attractions.
  • The pass is valid from the time it is activated at the first attraction for consecutive days, and not 24-hour periods that are spaced out. You can visit the attractions of your choice anytime, depending on the type of pass you have selected.