Buckingham Palace Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the answers to your questions about Buckingham Palace – the Queen’s official London residence.

When was Buckingham Palace built and by whom?

The building at the core of today’s Buckingham Palace as we know it today – originally called Buckingham House – was a townhouse. It was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703.

Who owns Buckingham Palace?

Contrary to popular belief, royal residences such as Buckingham Palace are not the Queen’s private property. They are occupied by the monarch of the time but owned and managed by Crown Estates.

How large is Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace has 775 rooms. The rooms include 188 staff bedrooms, 92 offices, 19 staterooms, and 78 bathrooms. Overall, the grounds of Buckingham Palace cover over 39 acres.

Who lives in Buckingham Palace now?

The current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, lives at Buckingham Palace with her husband, Prince Philip.

Where's Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace is in the City of Westminster in London, postcode SW1A 1AA.

Outside Buckingham Palace

Which zone is Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace is located in zone 1.

Where is Buckingham Palace nearest tube?

The Buckingham Palace nearest underground stations are Victoria, Green Park and Hyde Park Corner.

Which underground for Buckingham Palace?

Buckingham Palace visitors can take the Victoria Line to Victoria station, the Victoria and Piccadilly Lines to Green Park station, and the Piccadilly Line to Hyde Park Corner station.

Which bus to Buckingham Palace?

Bus routes 16, 2, 507, and C2 stop at Buckingham Palace.

Can you visit Buckingham Palace?

Yes, Buckingham Palace is open to the public during the summer.

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When is Buckingham Palace open?

Buckingham Palace is open to the public from 25th July to 4th October 2020.

Are Buckingham Palace gardens open to the public?

Unlike other London Royal Parks, the gardens of Buckingham Palace are not generally accessible by the public. However, visitors can access a small section of the garden at the exit at the end of their tour.

Why did Buckingham Palace open to the public?

Buckingham Palace opened its doors to the public to help fund repairs of Windsor Castle.

Who guards Buckingham Palace?

The Queen’s Guard is responsible for guarding both Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Palace. They wear a full-dress uniform of red tunics and their iconic bearskins (hats).

Where is Buckingham Palace changing of the guard?

The famous Changing of the Guard ceremony is conducted between three locations – Wellington Barracks, Buckingham Palace, and St James’s Palace.

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Does Buckingham Palace have a pool?

Yes, Buckingham Palace has an indoor swimming pool. Nearly every royal resident has learnt to swim in the pool.

Is Buckingham Palace air conditioned?

No, Buckingham Palace does not have air conditioning.

Was Buckingham Palace bombed in WW2?

Buckingham Palace and the palace grounds suffered bombing attacks on sixteen occasions during WWII. Nine of the attacks included direct hits on the Palace.

Who broke into Buckingham Palace?

Michael Fagan – a British man – broke into Buckingham Palace in 1982. He managed to enter the Queen’s bedroom. The incident is considered one of the worst royal security breaches of the last century.

Is Buckingham Palace included in London Pass?

You cannot visit Buckingham Palace with London Pass. However, there are other city passes, such as the London Royal Palace Pass, that include entry to the attraction.

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