Tower Bridge Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the answers to your questions about the world-famous Tower Bridge, one of London’s most-iconic attractions.

Where's Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge is on the River Thames in London, close to the Tower of London. The Tower Bridge postcode is SE1 2UP.

Who built Tower Bridge?

Construction of Tower Bridge took eight years, commencing in 1886. Five main contractors took ownership of different elements of the building process. Baron Armstrong was responsible for hydraulics and Sir John Jackson for the foundations. Sir H.H. Bartlett, William Webster, and Sir William Arrol were also involved. Between them, they employed 432 workers. Prince of Wales of the time, Albert, laid the inaugural stone.

Why Tower Bridge was built

In 1876, a contest was held by The City of London Corporation for the design of a new river crossing located downstream of London Bridge with the stipulation that the bridge would not disrupt traffic on the river.

Who designed Tower Bridge?

Over fifty designs were submitted to the City of London Corporation contest for consideration. Eventually, in 1884, a design for a bascule and suspension bridge by Sir John Wolfe Barry and Sir Horace Jones was chosen.

Can you cross Tower Bridge on foot?

Yes, pedestrians can cross Tower Bridge free of charge.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge at Night

Can you visit Tower Bridge?

Yes. However, if you would like to visit the glass walkways or steam engine room inside Tower Bridge, tickets to the Tower Bridge Exhibition are required.

Where is the Tower Bridge entrance?

The ticket office and main Tower Bridge entrance are at the North West Tower of the Bridge.

Can Tower Bridge open?

Yes, Tower Bridge does indeed open. On average, it opens 700 times a year – roughly the equivalent of twice a day.

When will Tower Bridge be raised?

For a full list of Tower Bridge raising times, visit this link.

What are the Tower Bridge visiting hours?

Tower Bridge opens at 9:30 AM. Tower Bridge closing time is 6 PM, with last entry at 5 PM. Please note that these are standard visiting hours and are subject to change.

Tower Bridge river cruise - Inside Tower Bridge
Inside Tower Bridge

Which tube for Tower Bridge?

Tower Hill is Tower Bridge’s nearest tube station. To get there, take the District or Circle lines.

Where is Tower Bridge pier?

Tower Pier is close to Tower Hill underground station. It is situated adjacent to the Tower of London’s southwest corner.

How many Tower Bridge visitors per year?

There is an estimated average of 500,000 Tower Bridge visitors per year.

Is there a Tower Bridge weight limit?

The current weight restriction for crossing Tower Bridge is 18-tonnes. However, statistics suggest that drivers break the rule up to 18 times a day, primarily at night.

How far is it from Tower Bridge to London Eye?

On foot, the journey from Tower Bridge to the London Eye is approximately 2.2 miles and would take 45 minutes. By bus or tube, the journey is reduced to roughly 25 minutes.

Tower Bridge river cruise - A view of Tower Bridge from the River Thames
A view of Tower Bridge from the River Thames

Is Tower Bridge in the congestion zone?

Like most of central London, Tower Bridge falls within the congestion charge zone.

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