10 Day London Pass with Travel Card Includes Oyster Travel Card



  • Get free, one-time access to over 80 attractions and experiences in London.
  • You can avail the optional Oyster Travelcard to take care of all your transportation needs.
  • Enjoy fast-track, skip-the-line entry for select experiences.
  • A free 1-day Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour ticket is included with your pass.
  • The London Pass comes with a 180+ page detailed guidebook that contains useful information.

Fantastic savings with the 10 Day London Pass

The 10 Day London Pass with travel card is an excellent option for both Londoners and tourists alike. While the Pass allows you to visit some of the city’s top attractions, the optional Oyster card lets you travel the city with ease. Take the opportunity to make the best of your London outing today, tomorrow, and for days to come.

An Oyster Travelcard is an electronic pass you can use on London’s public transport system. The card works on a credit system, covering all modes of transportation in the city. It includes the London Overground, Dockland Light Rail (DLR), London Underground, and London Buses. Whether day or night, you can use the Oyster card for touring the city hassle-free.

The amount of time and money you can save with the 10 Day London Pass is its biggest advantage. By using it correctly, you can save on single charges at the entrance of each attraction. It is an affordable substitute that offers the best in terms of efficiency. Here is how you can save –

Let’s suppose you visit three landmarks every day for ten days and average individual tickets for each attraction you enter costs £20

Therefore, £20 x 3 = £60

For ten days, you pay £60 x 10 = £600

As you can see, the London Pass 10 Day variant is fairly priced. By using the 10 day London Pass with travel card, you avoid spending unnecessary money on attractions and wasting valuable time.

10 Day London Pass with Travel - The Royal Albert Hall
The Royal Albert Hall

Beat the queues at top London attractions

Skip the line at some of the capital’s highest-rated attractions and landmarks, such as the Tower Bridge Exhibition, London Bridge Experience, Hampton Court Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Kew Gardens and London Zoo. The London Pass allows you to explore all these attractions without having to wait in line to buy a ticket. All you need to do is show your London Pass at the gate and voila! You get your special perk.

10 Day London Pass with Travel - Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Over 80 great experiences to choose from

London is a city of many historical sites and entertainment areas, and the London Pass gives you the ability to select some of your favourites to enter. The choice of more than 80 attractions is sure to make your selection process difficult. However, your dilemma is well taken care of as the London Pass is valid for a year upon purchase. Take the time to plan your tour and the monuments you want to access. The pass becomes active whenever you use it for the first time. Once used, the validity reduces to the number of days the London Pass variant is for, in this case, ten consecutive days.

Make the most of your time in London by using the 10 day London Pass with travel card and enjoy the beautiful city. Numerous attractions and comfortable travel make a tour of London an enjoyable experience. Ask your friends, family or the special one to accompany you as you immerse yourself in Britain’s history and lots of fun!


  • Getting your London Pass

    You will receive an email with your London Pass shortly after booking. Please display your voucher on your mobile phone with a valid photo ID at the London Pass Redemption Desk on Charing Cross Road to collect your pass. The pass will be activated after its first usage and will remain active for ten consecutive days depending on your choice of pass. Once you have redeemed your London Pass, show the physical pass at any of the designated spots at the attractions listed and enjoy fast track entry.

  • How to get to the London Pass Redemption Desk

    The closest underground station is Leicester Square. Take Exit 1 onto Charing Cross Road, turn left and walk past Wyndham’s Theatre. Walk 100 meters towards Trafalgar square, and you will find the redemption desk in the downstairs area of the ticket information booth on the right-hand side opposite the Garrick Theatre.

  • Super Flexible Cancellation Policy

    Tickets can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.