Birmingham Royal Ballet: Cinderella

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Birmingham Royal Ballet returns to the stage with their famous production— Cinderella. The adaptation of this classic fairy tale by Sir David Bintley has received high acclaim since its premiere. It has toured widely within and beyond the UK and has gained much appreciation from all over the world. Once again set to return to Birmingham Hippodrome, Cinderella ballet tickets will be available for the audience very soon.

Cinderella—Ballet at Its Best

The critics describe the enchanting musical display as a celebration of ballet at its finest. With its top-notch choreography, the production also fulfils the high-end technical demand for stagecraft. The audience has long been enthralled by Cinderella’s soulful, soothing music, and is expected to do once again. As well as the excellent dancing, the cast manages to deliver fantastic caricature and comic elements. The fantastical elements of the show are a delight to watch, even for the children. There are dancing lizards, mice, and even a frog! The costumes are by the same designer who helped craft another Birmingham Royal Ballet favourite—Nutcracker. The stunning scenery and breathtaking costumes add to the production’s magic, making it a treat for the eyes.

Cast and Crew

The production is the creation of Sir David Bintley, the Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet, and a maestro of ballet himself. Ross MacGibbon directs, and the choreography is by Sir Bintley. Cast members include Iain Mackay as the Prince, Elisha Willis in the titular role, Victoria Marr as the Fairy Godmother, Marion Tait as the Stepmother, Gaylene Cummerfield as Skinny, Carol-Anne Millar as Dumpy, and Sir David Bintley as himself. John F. Macfarlane also does a superb job as the art director.

The enthralling music is by Sergei Prokofiev and performed by Royal Ballet Sinfonia, with Koen Kessels conducting the orchestra. With such creative talent behind it, the excellent music is also worth the price of admission.

The Enchanting Plot

The age-old fairy tale inspires the story of Cinderella. The beautiful belle, Cinderella, lives with her cruel stepmother and two obnoxious sisters, Skinny and Dumpy. Her life, one of drudgery and suffering, exists within the confines of the grey, stone-cold cellar kitchen, reflecting her grim existence. Yet, she manages to radiate sweetness and joy by dancing her blues away. Singing soulful melodies and dancing barefoot, she emanates her childlike spirit as she is carried away to a magical place—one of dancing mice and lizards and talking frogs.

Retreating to her imagination, Cinderella tries to escape her grim reality, until the night of the extravagant party at the Prince’s palace. With her Fairy Godmother’s help, she arrives at the party wearing a gorgeous gown, riding in a magical coach. From here, the story unfolds to culminate in the ‘happily ever after’ union of the Prince and Cinderella.

The production is likely to open in the early months of the year. The show is due to tour in Bristol, Sunderland, and Birmingham. Wherever you are, you can book your Cinderella ballet tickets online. So, don’t miss the chance. Avoid the last-minute rush and order yours today!