Breakin’ Convention Presents – The Ruggeds’ Between Us

4 performances only Breakin’ Convention Presents - The Ruggeds’ Between Us

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If you are in London and are looking to indulge in some fun activity, visit the Peacock Theatre and watch The Ruggeds’ latest work, ‘Between Us’. The Breakin’ Convention’s new show features the most inspirational and innovative hip-hop artists of today. The award-winning b-boy world champions’ latest production promises to entertain and amaze its viewers. The Ruggeds are very talented, and you will have a great time watching these fantastic artists lit up the stage with their energy and persona.

Famous for their athleticism, groundbreaking new moves, and prowess, the Ruggeds can be described as the embodiment of breakdance. Their magnetic performances have captured many hearts and led notable artists like Justin Bieber, Rita Ora, and Madonna to collaborate with them. The group has also conquered several international battles and have left their mark in championships. Their stunning performances have attracted attention and garnered acclaim from all over the world. Get tickets to The Ruggeds’ Between Us and enjoy your time in London. These talented dancers will not disappoint you for sure.

Between Us – An Exciting Show that Will Engross you With its Dance Performances

‘Between Us’, their latest work, will showcase some magnificent solo and duet performances that will leave you spellbound. There are also group performances in store that will stun the audience, and they will be on the edge of their seats all the time. Do not miss out on the performances of this daring, moving, and touching crew. Book seats at the Peacock Theatre between 15-18 September 2021.

In this show, the audience is invited into their home to understand what makes them tick as a group. The Ruggeds, over the years, have become a tight-knit family, held together by trust and shared experiences. They reveal the ties that bind each other and with the audience. Be ready to get immersed in their world of imagination with a mix of acrobatics, humour, music, physical theatre, and dance. The event will be a treat for the audience, and they will be delighted by how the marvellous performances unfold before their eyes. Get your tickets for The Ruggeds’ Between Us and be ready to be entertained in the best possible way.

The Stellar Cast of the Show

Get to witness a blend of acrobatics and urban dance with a bit of slapstick in an amazing choreography by Roy Overdijk. The bidding against each other and the display of one’s art always creates enthusiasm in the theatre. There are numerous well-thought-out dance scenes and beautiful group pieces in store for you. The audience will have many dance battles and performances to remember after the event ends.

Featuring Jessy Kemper, Leelou Demierre, Rico Coker, Sjoerd Poldermans, Roy Overdijk, Niek Traa, Virgil Dey, and Tawfiq Amrani, this spectacular show is helmed by some brilliant minds. Niek Traa also serves as the artistic director while Y’skid and Boi Beige act as composers. Jana Januschewski is behind the fashionable costumes. Watch The Ruggeds’ Between Us at the Peacock Theatre and be enchanted by their outstanding work. You will have a great time at the theatre.