Clybourne Park


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Clybourne Park is one of the popular plays reflecting on burning issues such as racism, class system, and gender roles. The play has also addressed marginalisation in other forms, such as mental health and physical disabilities. It also won appreciation for its dark humour and its touching, relevant and catchy dialogues. It features several conversations that shed light on the misunderstandings that may question one’s identity and the so-called urban development. This award-winning play is coming to London’s Park Theatre. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Clybourne Park tickets now!

The play won the Tony and Olivier Award and the Pulitzer Prize. It has also gained multiple prestigious nominations. Perhaps, the play’s closeness to reality has made it more alluring in the eyes of its audience over the years. If you want to explore the darkness covered under the curtain of sophisticated society, this play is a must-watch for you.

The Play at a Glance

Clybourne Park starts with the tragic story of Russ and Bev S. They are unfortunate parents of Kenneth who committed suicide to embrace an untimely demise. The heartbroken couple, Russ and Bev, have sold their house to the first black family in their neighbourhood. They have decided to move to the suburbs. The play has intensified this tension between the races by showing a polar opposite scene of the abovementioned situation. The story goes back decades to portray a neighbourhood primarily populated by black people, and the issues arise when a white couple buys a house in the locality. It further highlights gentrification and features a community showdown.

The play will provide you with ample food for thought and compel you to question- where these issues are standing now, fifty years later? As Clybourne Park tickets are on sale now, you can prepare yourself to confront a play that has surpassed the barrier between imagination and reality.

The Creative Team

Bruce Norris, the talented American playwright and actor, is Clybourne Park’s creator. Pulitzer Prize for Drama came to him in 2011 for this drama. After graduation, Norris started performing in various Broadway productions such as Biloxi Blues, Wrong Mountain, and An American Daughter. Oliver Kaderbhia will direct this masterpiece of the legendary playwright. He graduated in Drama and Theatre Studies at the Royal Holloway University of London. He has brilliantly directed Peter Pan, One Minute, Go to Your God Like a Soldier, From Where I am Standing, You Nation Loves You, etc. There is no doubt Oliver will again win the love and admiration of his audience for Clybourne Park.

If you always love to walk against the air and get bored of cheesy romances, all you need is to get some Clybourne Park tickets for yourself and your family.


  • Content Warning

    Contains very strong language.

  • Special Notes

    Latecomers will not be admitted. Please arrive at the theatre in good time.

    Please bring a face covering which you are required to wear at all times inside the venue, except for when drinking (for as briefly as possible).

    Be prepared for changes in temperature: To keep a good flow of air through the building we will be using our air conditioning system to full effect, which may make the building and the auditorium colder than usual. Please bring extra layers as required.

  • Accessibility

    There will be an Audio Described performance on Saturday 16th April at 3PM with a Touch tour at 2 PM.