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Winner of the Best Direction of a Musical award, Come From Away is a heart-melting story that depicts the true events circling the 38 planes that suddenly landed in Gander, a town in Newfoundland, during the tragic 9/11. After massively succeeding in the North American theatre scene, the musical has landed in the West End. Following a run at the Abbey Theatre, it’s time for you to join the UK premiere at the Phoenix Theatre with Come From Away tickets, which are available now. The show shone spectacularly on the West End, winning the Best New Musical and three more Laurence Olivier Awards. From the critics to audiences, this unique story has taken the theatre scene by storm, and the tickets are selling fast.

Plenty of Reasons to See Come From Away

An unprecedented nominee of 7 Tony Awards, this musical depicts the characters of Gander who offered shelter and food to the 7,000 stranded passengers. Irene Sankoff and David Hein wrote this Broadway musical following their visit to Newfoundland during the 10th anniversary of the attack. The couple met and interviewed the townspeople about their experience, and developed a compelling musical that connects the narratives of the individuals.

Book your Come From Away tickets today because they won’t last. The show’s one-of-a-kind storytelling works magically with the folk-rock score injected with a Gaelic touch. The engrossing plot will hold you down to your seats from the beginning and deliver an emotional performance throughout. You can easily connect judging from the recent conditions of the world. It has enthralled the audiences on Broadway and now the West End is home to this fantastic work. Its success has led to the plans of a film adaptation, which may be out in the coming years. For now, the musical is just perfect to witness a world of loss, friendship, love and hope.

Come From Away’s Magnificent Story

It starts with the people of Gander recalling the news that broke the hearts of millions on the morning of 11th September – the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This resulted in the abrupt landing of 38 flights at Gander Airport and increased the little town’s population by two times, which created a little bit of panic. However, the passengers remained in their respective planes to avoid chaos, and it led to various confusing information about the whole situation. Soon, they are moved to the many emergency shelters spread across Gander.

They are also told the reason for the unexpected landing. Although the situation was under control, the passengers were worried because many of them weren’t able to reach their loved ones. But, they were surprised by the hospitality of the townsfolk and soon formed a warm bond with them. As they spent time, some great friendships were built. Learn the several heart-touching tales that make this incident an example of humanity in the most difficult times. Guests of the West End, get your Come From Away tickets to be part of this beautiful journey.

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