Così Fan Tutte

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the ENO presents Così Fan Tutte at the London Coliseum

Watch the Classic Così Fan Tutte in London

If you are a theatre lover, you can watch a plethora of new good shows in the ENO 2021 Season. Among them, the Così fan tutte is one which you should not miss at any cost. It promises to be funny, fast, and farcical. The upcoming production looks interesting, and you should give it a chance if you want to watch something different and exciting at the same time. Get your tickets quickly and visit The London Coliseum to be a witness to this beautiful theatrical work. This new production of Mozart’s famous work ticks all the boxes. You can expect it to be quite entertaining and that it will be worth your time.

Phelim McDermott returns with another version of ‘Così fan tutte’, that promises to be as fun and engaging as his previous acclaimed work. This time he works along with new faces that are exceptionally talented and are proven to draw audiences. Their casting for the respective roles indicates that the team will perform before a potential full-house. Book your seats for Così fan tutte in London and watch a spectacular show that will satisfy you as nothing else has.

 Mozart’s Comic Masterpiece

The plot involves two soldiers, Ferrando and Guglielmo, who are about to marry Dorabella and Fiordiligi, two sisters, respectively. Don Alfonso, the two soldiers’ old friend, tells them that every woman is fickle. Alfonso then bets them that he can prove their fiancees are also the same. Don Alfonso plays a game with the lovers, where the two men take different disguises and seduce their respective lovers. What happens eventually? Do the girls pass the test? Or is Alfonso able to prove his point? You have to watch the play to know the answers.

Mozart’s work tells a story of love, lust, and desire. It occurs in a world where the boundary between what is real and what is fake is blurred. What happens once the deceit is unmasked? Can they lead their lives like before? While Mozart’s work is quite remarkable, it remains to be seen whether McDermott succeeds in pleasing the crowd. However, considering his past reputation, it does not seem to be a difficult task. So, watch Così fan tutte in London and be ready to be transported to the 1950s. Witness an unforgettable production filled with romance and intrigue.

The Amazing Cast and Creative Team

Kerem Hasan, the British Conductor, leads a magnificent cast of fresh talent and is the biggest crowd-puller. He is known for mesmerising the audiences with his flawless portrayal of unique characters. Nardus Williams plays the role of Fiordiligi, while Benson Wilson portrays Guglielmo in this modern-day adaptation of the Mozart classic. Hanna Hipp plays the character of Dorabella, and Amitai Pati does the role of Ferrando. Neal Davies plays the character of Don Alfonso.

With such a stellar cast, you can expect an outstanding theatrical work when you watch Così fan tutte in London. Get your tickets today and check out the play.

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