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Throughout its history, England has flourished in every aspect, be it art, culture, education, technology, or industry. To explore more, British merchants spread out to every corner of the world and established strong trading routes all around the globe. And for this very reason, England once had one of the strongest naval resources in the world. You can still find remnants of the glorious past in some museums spread across the country to this day. But the most prominent and perhaps most popular attraction in this regard is the Cutty Sark.

Exhibited in the Royal Museum Greenwich, the Cutty Sark was once the most powerful ship of the British merchants’ arsenal. It travelled as far as China and other parts of Asia. But if you think it is just an old merchant ship, think again! The Cutty Sark is the only surviving extreme clipper in the world and the fastest of its time. The 150 years old British merchant ship is a testimony to the country’s naval past and strength. Visiting the naval beauty could be a wonderful way to learn about our history and legacy, especially if kids accompany you. So, get your Cutty Sark tickets and enjoy a fantastic day out with all the family.

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A Stunning Piece of Naval History

To date, the Cutty Sark remains one of the most important testaments of peak British prosperity and technological advancement. The 150-year-old ship has an exciting history sailing all over the world. Most of the fabric and hull parts you see on the ship date back to the ship’s original structure. Also, the mighty clipper ship has reportedly travelled to more than sixteen countries. The total distance covered by the naval beauty is equal to two and a half voyages to the moon and back. Quite an extraordinary piece of technology, isn’t it?

The mighty clipper ship carried many tons of cargo since 1870. It represents the pinnacle of clipper ship design and speed, but there is more to it. The importance of Cutty Sark remains in the pages of history, having played a significant role in Britain’s prosperity in trade. Your¬†Cutty Sark tickets give you the chance to see the historical piece up close and find out more about its legacy.

A Great Day Out in Greenwich

A trip to see the Cutty Sark in Greenwich is an enjoyable day trip plan with your friends and family. Take the chance to enjoy a ferry ride to Greenwich, and explore the marvellous museum, observatory, and special exhibitions held at the venue. Learn about the ship’s fascinating history and enjoy the stunning view of the city from its deck. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Cutty Sark tickets¬†today!


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