Dial M For Murder – Manchester

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Dial M For Murder Tickets at the The Lowry - Lyric Theatre, Manchester

Time to Put on Your Thinking Cap

Are you a fan of mind-bending thrillers? Are gruesome murder mysteries your thing? And by any chance, do you happen to live near Manchester? Then we have good news for you. The invigorating thriller, Dial M for Murder is coming to the stages of Manchester soon. Regarded as a cult classic, the modern thriller is undoubtedly one of the best murder mysteries of all time. After all, the master of thriller movies Alfred Hitchcock has made it for the big screen! You can only imagine how enthralling it will be when you will watch it live on stage. So, bring out your inner private investigator and unravel the mystery. Get your Dial M for Murder Manchester tickets and join the criminal hunt. The gripping story, nerve-wracking suspense, and riveting drama will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

The Perfect Crime

The brand-new production of the famous Frederick Knott thriller is all set to come back to the stage once again. It is the story of Tony Wendice, a former pro-tennis player plotting and planning to get his wife murdered. Once Tony retires, he finds out that his beautiful wife Margot, who is a prominent socialite and belongs to a wealthy family, is having a secret affair. Heartbroken and enraged, Tony decides to kill his unfaithful wife to avenge the betrayal, and at the same time, to get hold of her inheritance so that he can carry on with living a lavish, comfortable life. To materialize his plan, Tony invites his long-time friend Alexander Swann to London and manages to convince him to murder Margot by blackmailing him. After a thorough persuasion, Swann finally gives in realizing that he has no way out of this mess. But as he reaches Margot’s flat to kill him, things take an unusual turn. And for those who have watched the Hitchcock movie, it is simply impossible to guess what happens next. Revealing anything more will surely spoil the show for you. So, we would rather suggest that you get your own Dial M for Murder – Manchester tickets and find out how things end for Tony, Margot, and Swann. But remember, the USP of the story is not just about finding out the culprit. Instead, it has been celebrated for the slow-burning, thrilling unfurling of the events. If perfect crime exists, then this is it.

A Star-studded Show

The brand-new show of Dial M for Murder will feature Tom Chambers, the unparalleled popular face of both stage and TV as the vicious Tony Wendice. You already love him for his stunning performance in Top Hat and Strictly Come Dancing. Samantha Womack of The Girl on The Train will play the role of Margot. Directed by legendary Anthony Banks, this is undoubtedly going to be one of the best dramas on stage this year. Further, David Woodhead’s set design, Lizzie Powell’s lights, and Max Ringham’s sound design add more finesse to the performance. Don’t miss the opportunity. Get your Dial M For Murder – Manchester tickets before they sell out.

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