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  • Discover the chambers beneath the streets of Edinburgh and explore the famous Vaults.
  • Visit Greyfriars Kirkyard, the most haunted graveyard in the world.
  • Hear ghost stories as you walk through this 400-year old site.

Prepare for a spooky adventure in the Edinburgh Ghost Tour!

The capital of Scotland is just as famous for its haunted history as it is for its beautiful monuments. For people with a fascination for scares, Edinburgh is a place you will always remember. The underground alleys are filled with traces of 400-year old history and date back to 1,600 AD. The Edinburgh Ghost Tour offers story and entertainment for the entire family. Stroll through hidden alleys in the Old Town to discover the horrors and mystery the capital is famous for.

Arrive at the meeting place, the Royal Mile, to find your guide waiting – a legend from the underworld, fully dressed. Follow this legend of the past into his lair, the Edinburgh Vaults, and yes; prepare yourself for the fright of a lifetime. This tour is the best way to get a peek into the ghostly past of the capital. The Vaults get terrifying as you bid bye-bye to the sun and start a walk through the alleys. Go through dark courtyards and lanes as your guide provides you with intriguing pieces of ghastly history of heinous murders committed and the notorious criminals that once lived here.

Edinburgh Ghost Tour - See the spooky sights of Edinburgh on your Edinburgh ghost tour!
See the spooky sights of Edinburgh on your Edinburgh ghost tour!

Visit the world’s most haunted cemetery

After the Vaults, you will be at the Greyfriars Kirkyard. It is known as the most haunted graveyard in the world. It dates back to the 1560s, but with its weird and bizarre occurrences, steadily attracts writers, TV producers and ghost hunters. The burial grounds are said to be haunted by many paranormal figures; the most active and aggressive one being the MacKenzie Poltergeist. George MacKenzie was a ruthless persecutor during a Presbyterian movement in the 17th century. Many tour purveyors during their excursions around the cemetery reported mysterious events. A lot of participants returned from the prison with scratches, burns and broken bones. Take the Edinburgh Ghost Tour to access this terrifying attraction. See the tombstones come out of the earth and hear tales of missing bodies, poltergeists and the legendary loyal dog of the graveyard.

Head to the Edinburgh underground vault at the end

The underground vaults in Edinburgh are a series of dark rooms built in the late 18th century. Take the walking tour and learn about the historic Old Town’s subterranean expansion. Listen to stories about the previous location of the city’s medical school. Discover secrets about the infamous duo, Burke and Hare, who would murder unsuspected victims and sell their bodies for money. You will also discover interesting tales about cannibals and devil-worshippers. The chilling temperature and impenetrable darkness ensure a shivering experience. Look for signs of human habitation in the vaults and imagine what life is like underground before ending your tour and breathing in the fresh air again. And hey! Remember to keep your eyes peeled for anything creepy. You never know. . .

The Edinburgh Ghost Tour is the perfect means to explore what is unknown and long forgotten. It is sure to give you strange feelings that will keep you up for a few upcoming nights.


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