Edinburgh Walking Tour Old Town and Underground



  • Enjoy a walking tour of Edinburgh Old Town and Underground
  • Explore the Edinburgh Vaults and learn their 400-year history
  • Hear tales of ghosts and murders!

Edinburgh Walking Tour

When in Scotland, Edinburgh is a popular tourist destination for you to visit. Being the country’s capital, Edinburgh is home to both the past and present. The Old Town represents the city’s medieval influence, while the Georgian New Town represents progress and modern lifestyle. During the Edinburgh Walking Tour, you get to experience the city’s eerie tales and history while exploring the Old Town.

Enjoy spine-chilling stories during Edinburgh Walking Tour

Those who like ghost, murder, death, torture and every kind of horror tale imaginable can greatly appreciate this walking tour. A guide accompanies every tour and acts as the storyteller, narrating some of the gruesome tales in Scottish history and fiction. Keeping with the theme of the tour, the guide dresses appropriately to maintain the macabre mood.

The 60-minute Edinburgh Walking Tour begins from the starting point and heads toward the city Old Town. Known to be the home of extensive underground passageways, the Edinburgh Vaults, enhances the blood-curdling nature of the tour. Built-in 1788, these vaults were initially used by taverns, cobblers and workshops. However, with age, the tunnels started to crumble. At this time, it became an ideal spot for criminals and the homeless. Explore these historic tunnels and learn about rumours of bodysnatchers and paranormal activity at this site.

Edinburgh Walking Tour
Learn the history of the city on the Edinburgh Walking Tour

Search for spirits with the ghost radar

Tourists on the tour receive a ‘ghost radar’ with which they can detect paranormal activity within these vaults. Keep your eyes and ears open to notice strange sights or sounds. Real-life tourists have often reported weird sightings and sensations inside the tunnel. In 2009, a BBC TV crew recorded strange sounds in a portion of the vaults. These sounds continued for around 20 minutes before finally stopping with a hair-raising shout belonging to a child. As of 2015, this area was made inaccessible to the general public and authorities monitor the region carefully.

Things you need to remember

The Edinburgh Walking Tour is accessible only for children aged over 5 years. Kids aged between 5 and 16 years must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the tour. Due to the uneven nature of the roads, proper footwear is important for a comfortable walk. Ensure you carry warm clothing to protect you in the case of sudden temperature drops.

You must abstain from consuming alcoholic drinks or drugs during the trip. Anyone found under the influence is prohibited from partaking in the tour. Flash photography is another activity that is strictly restricted during the trip.

Check your mail for the vouchers after ticket booking online. Save the voucher on your mobile device and display it at the ticket counter to redeem it. You can book tickets for a particular date and time slot only. Once booked, cancelling or amending the tickets are impossible.

Edinburgh has a dark history involving several gruesome crimes. Those interested to learn more about these aspects of the city can attend the walking tour. Spare just an hour and look forward to the experience of a lifetime.


  • Old Town and Underground Tours ticket
  • A professional guide


  • Getting your tickets

    You will receive an email with your tickets shortly after booking. You can show the mobile voucher at the ticketing counter. Your tickets are valid for the date and time for which you’ve scheduled the experience.

  • Age Restrictions

    Children must be at least 5 to partake in the tour. An adult must accompany individuals under the age of 16.

  • Additional Information

    Please wear comfortable shoes on the walking tour as the streets are uneven and cobbled. Please dress warmly in case the weather gets particularly cold.

    No use of alcohol or drugs is allowed. Individuals found under the influence will not be permitted.

    Flash photography is also not allowed on this tour.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Tickets cannot be cancelled, amended or rescheduled.