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Two Sisters. One Diagnosis. Seven Bathrooms

Pick Up Flushed Tickets to Watch an Engrossing Drama

Theatre Unlocked presents ‘Flushed’ at the Park Theatre from October. A recipient of the Voice Magazine’s ‘Pick of the Fringe’ Award and 53Two ‘FOUNDation Award’, it is an exciting piece of drama that you should not miss. This top-rated play is a unique theatrical piece and presents an important story, wrapped up in plenty of heart and humour. If you are an avid theatre-goer, do not miss out on this play. It promises entertainment and a strong message through its commendable direction and performances. When you decide to book a seat for this piece, know that something magical is in store for you. This glorious play touches upon a serious subject, which makes it so interesting to watch. Buy Flushed tickets and get ready to experience an unparalleled theatrical experience that will leave you mesmerised for a long time.

‘Flushed’ was first performed at the 53Two Theatre in Manchester. Later, a scheme was set up to aid budding Manchester-based creatives. Soon, the production transferred to Underbelly for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. There, the show received unanimous praise from critics and audiences alike. Apart from the award, Voice Magazine described the play’s script as an incredibly rare masterpiece.

What Can you Expect From ‘Flushed’?

The play deals with two women, one diagnosis, and nearly seven bathrooms. It follows a changing time in Jen and Marnie, two inseparable sisters’ lives. Her life is altered after being diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, testing the relationship between the sisters. What follows is the struggle between them as Jen tries to tackle the situation. The audience will get immersed in this engrossing and heart-touching play.

The play focuses on the everlasting bond that is created within the cubicle walls. As friendships are formed, and secrets are shared, the audience witnesses masterful storytelling and remarkable performances. ‘Flushed’ deals with the problems related to Premature Ovarian Insufficiency. It is a condition that affects many people, but surprisingly only some people are aware of it.

Catherine Cranfield’s writing is both witty and fast-paced. You will get humour and realism now and then, further enhanced by the cast’s portrayals. If you frequently watch theatrical plays, you would know that natural dialogue is often overlooked on stage. However, this piece manages to captivate you with the nuances of language. The audience may easily forget that they are not actually overhearing Jen and Marnie in a bathroom. Whether you want to have children or not, the trouble Marnie goes through and Jen’s helplessness is pretty palpable. You must not miss out on this play. Get Flushed tickets as soon as possible.

Theatre Unlocked

Catherine Cranfield and Elis Shotton had founded it in Manchester in 2017. The two collaborate to develop and promote exciting new writing. Theatre Unlocked is also famous for ‘Zucchini’, which premiered at the 53Two Theatre in Manchester. Buy Flushed tickets to witness another remarkable production by Theatre Unlocked. Their latest offering will impress you as nothing ever has.

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