Heathers The Musical

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Heathers returns to the West End!

Get Ready for Some Rocking Teen Drama!

If you are an avid lover of musicals, then you probably are aware that the West End is the ultimate destination for you. Be it original British productions or the crème de la crème of Broadway, it will eventually end up in one of the legendary stages of the West End. And if it is one of the most popular, contemporary productions, it has to come to London’s theatreland at some point in time, if not again and again. Keeping up the tradition, the West End has brought back one of the most popular rock musicals of all time—Heathers the Musical.

Adapted from the 1989 Hollywood Blockbuster based on the novel by Daniel Waters, the musical has been one of the greatest hits in the history of Broadway. After a successful run, it moved off-Broadway in 2014 and came for the UK tour. Further, it was transferred to the West End in June 2018 for a limited-time run. Despite its short-lived showcase, it stole millions of hearts. It was fun, energetic, fresh, and most importantly, it is a rock musical about high school teens! What else do you need? Grab your Heathers Musical Tickets to relive some nostalgic high school memories, but with some rock in them.

A New Twist on High School Drama

After hundreds and thousands of movies, sitcoms, and musicals, you might wonder what Heathers has to offer that you have not seen before. But be rest assured, this is not your average teenage rom-com that starts with some innocent tiff and ends with the first kiss. Amidst the tons of high school drama, Heathers is like a refreshing twist in the popular genre of high school/teen drama. It is a dark comedy in the guise of a high school drama that opens new avenues to talk about some disturbing issues of teenagers, including bullying, school violence, teen suicide, homophobia, and sexual assault. It shows the darker side of the teen psyche and the complex consequences of pranks and high school cliques.

The plotline, which starts as innocent rivalry among a bunch of high schoolers and usual school bullying, quickly turns into a murkier, ominous series of events. But talking more about the story and how it further unfurls will ruin the surprise for you. So, it is better that you order your own Heathers Musical Tickets and find out the ending for yourself. All we can say is that it is something extraordinary that sends chills down your spine and intrigues you at the same time.

A Powerhouse Production

Storming London for two consecutive smashing seasons and winning the WhatsOnStage Award for the Best New Musical, Heathers—The Musical has become a sensation. It is not a surprise given the intriguing book and captivating lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Kevin Murphy; the show is bound to win you over. Also, it will star the talented Christina Bennington, Jordan Luke Gage, and the star of Six the Musical—Jodie Steel. So, grab your Heathers Musical Tickets to witness this power-packed performance in the legendary West End stages.

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