Life of Pi

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The Award-winning Tale Live on Stage

Yann Martel’s Man Booker Prize-winning novel, Life of Pi, is coming to the theatres as a brand new stage adaptation. The thrilling novel, previously adapted as a major motion picture that also won several awards including Academy and Golden Globe, is all set for a brand new production to be showcased on the stages of the West End, London. The fantasy adventure, directed by Max Webster and adapted by Lolita Chakrabarti, is expected to be a grand affair as has been its previous run. The Life of Pi tickets for the upcoming West End season will be available soon. The previous shows of the play have been widely appreciated by the audience and the critics alike, describing it as an ‘unmissable’ experience. Presumably, future productions will be equally amazing and entertaining.

A Visual Treat

For those who are familiar with the cinematic adaptation, the producers of the show guarantee that the play will be just as splendid, if not more. The production has already been dubbed as a theatrical phenomenon for its magnificent stagecraft and set design. Finn Caldwell and Tim Hatley of Gyre and Gimble have designed the wonderful puppetry alongside Nick Barnes. The wonderful use of the costumes and puppets make the impossible task of bringing the animals and sea to life look easy and enthralling at the same time.

The grandeur is enhanced further by the masterfully designed lighting by Tim Lutkin, video effects by Andrzej Goulding, and sound by Carolyn Downing. Andrew T. Mackay’s original music adds more to the visual treat, making it an absolute delight to watch. As the production moves to the West End, it is announced the venue, the Wyndham Theatre will be specially redesigned to support the unique presentation. If you want to witness the exclusive theatrical wonder, get hold of the Life of Pi tickets as soon as possible.

The Journey of a Lifetime

The story is an adventure of a young boy, Pi Patel, who sets off a voyage to the unknown after he loses his family as their cargo sinks mid-ocean. However, in this captivating journey, Pi is not alone. However, the combination of the survivors stranded on a single lifeboat is rather unusual—a hyena, a zebra, an orang-utan, a young human, and a mighty Bengal tiger. As they set sail in search of safety, the odds are not particularly on their side. Nature is unforgiving, the ocean unfurling, and the passengers are drawn into the colossal calamities that hit them one after another.

As the journey elongates, the only passengers on the rickety boat remains are Pi and Peter Parker, the accidentally named tiger. Will they survive? Will they reach the shore? To find out how their journey turns out, the only way is to get the Life of Pi tickets and witness them in action. The young actor, Hiran Abeysekera, does a phenomenal job in portraying the titular character. But, the star attraction remains Peter Parker. The unbelievably crafted tiger puppet creates such an illusion that will remain with you long after you come out of the theatre. So, don’t miss this theatrical wonder. It is definitely going to be one memorable experience.

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