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  • See the revolutionary film by Baz Luhrmann come to life in this musical extravaganza!

Once a movie, Moulin Rogue is now a Broadway hit!

The Moulin Rouge Broadway musical is a stage adaptation of the 2001 romantic comedy film Moulin Rouge!, which was directed by Baz Luhrmann. It has been produced for the stage with every bit of the melodrama and spectaculars. Similar to the film, the score of the musical blends original tracks with popular music, taking into account a few songs that have been composed since the movie’s release. The musical premiered at the Emerson Colonial Theatre on 10th July 2018 in Boston.

The Moulin Rouge is the most renowned cabaret in Paris. Famous as the can-can dance’s place of origin, the cabaret soon grew into its own kind of entertainment. It is also one of the most popular Parisian tourist attractions, drawing in people from all parts of the world.

Quality creatives and a star-studded cast

The stage adaptation of Moulin Rouge is under the care of director Alex Timbers, a multiple award-winning writer. The costume design is being handled by one of the most popular costume designers in the US, Catherine Zuber. Sonya Tayeh is a 2-time Emmy Award nominee and she is in charge of the choreography. When talking about the prime faces you will see on stage, there are quite a few popular actors. The star-studded cast of the Moulin Rouge Broadway musical features Tony Award winner, Karen Olivio along with Aaron Tveit, guaranteeing that the audience is going to get more than what they’ve expected. Catch the heart-warming movie brought to life on stage in the form of a brand new musical mash-up, which may be the film’s biggest rival.

Moulin Rouge Broadway Tickets
See Moulin Rouge brought to life on Broadway

Moulin Rouge – more than just entertainment

Based on Luhrman’s movie, Moulin Rogue hit the Broadway platform in 2019. It is just as amazing as the movie. The musical follows the lives of an American man named Christian and the star performer of Moulin Rouge, Satine, as they manoeuvre through a passionate love affair. The cabaret is hitting the sack with its business going down. Harold Zeigler, the owner of the club, won’t let that happen; he is desperate to pull his show back up and also the jobs of every individual involved.

To make ends meet, he arranges for Satine to get along with The Duke, a rich man who is in search of a lady he can make his own. Zeigler is hopeful that she will be able to influence the Duke to help save the Mouline Rouge. But, he has no idea about The Duke’s past relationships, which were laced in violence. The situation creates a massive barricade between Satine and Christian.

The Moulin Rouge Broadway show will keep you thinking many things. You will ask yourself if it is all good for love. But then, you also know that love has its way. It always prevails. Whether you have or not watched the original film, this musical is a must-see! It stands as a wonderful representation of the cabaret while adding a twist of love.


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