Notre Dame Towers & Ile de le Cite Tour with Host Tickets


Why You Shouldn’t Miss This

Paris, the capital city of France, is widely considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It is well-known for its fashion, cuisine and stunning monuments. Amongst its numerous attractions, the Notre Dam is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished. Its medieval Gothic architecture makes it one of the unique examples of this era. There are 10 bells located inside the cathedral, of which Emmanuel is the largest. It weighs an astonishing 13 tons and is rung on special occasions. Recently, 9 new bells were designed to replicate the original ones that were replaced.

Ile de la Cite is a natural island on the Seine River and is the medieval heart of the city. Currently, the Prefect of Police, the Palace of Justice and the Tribunal de commerce exist in the areas that were originally residential regions of the island.

Your Experience

You can enjoy a comprehensive 1-hour tour of the Notre Dame Cathedral, with a guide accompanying you. The western facade of the cathedral is what you will set your eyes on first, and is also its best-known angle. The Tympanum of the Last Judgment is a collection of tens of intricate statues carved to depict this notable scene. The flying buttresses are incredible to see firsthand, and you will marvel at the architectural skill of the artisans involved in constructing the monument.

On seeing the north rose window from the inside, you will be left speechless. The three enormous rose windows are delicately fashioned, and the incredible array of colors makes them one of the most eye-catching works of art in the world. The organ of the Notre-Dame, a massive piped instrument is crowned with stained glass windows.
As you climb the 422 steps of the Tower, you can see the gargoyle statues up close. The famous bourdon bell, Emmanuel, can be seen as you reach the top. The chimera statues, closely associated with the cathedral can be seen overlooking the town. Witnessing Paris from this unique vantage point is a must-experience for any visitor. The Eiffel tower can be seen in the distance, and the Montparnasse Tower can also be seen on the other side. The bustling metropolis of Paris is quite visible, yet seems to be far away from your serene surroundings on the tower.

Know Before You Go

Tour Timings

The tour begins at 11:30 AM or 3:30 PM, depending on the day from the meeting point. 30 minutes of this tour will be spent exploring Ile de la Cite with your host.

Tower Access

Please note that this tour does not include access to the Towers, and you will have to opt for it. The Notre-Dame no longer allows tour operators to pre-book tower tickets and, as such, you will have to book your slot for access to the tower. Your guide will bring you to the booths where you will be able to book the timeslot of your choice for a visit to the Notre Dame Towers. Of course, if you need any help or assistance, you will be able to ask Notre Dame Towers staff and our guide will be present also. Rest assured, we plan our tours so as to allow you to be able to book an available timeslot.

Indeed, Notre-Dame Towers have put in place a system called "Je File", which allows for managing the Notre-Dame towers' access for individual customers. It's essential to use "Je File" to book your access to Notre Dame's towers. The booth you'll be brought to will allow you to do that. History Group and Fast Pass Tours are not responsible for your Notre-Dame Tower's reservation and purchase.


Please note that the towers of the Cathedral require a 422 step climb and hence, this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

Strict Cancellation Policy

These tickets cannot be cancelled or rescheduled.

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