On Bear Ridge

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On Bear Ridge

Playwright Ed Thomas returns with a fresh story, On Bear Ridge, after 15 years. The unique take on post-apocalyptic life for a Welsh couple has met with critical acclaim from critics and audiences alike. Book your On Bear Ridge theatre tickets to experience the production through virtual reality.

Brilliant characterisation

Husband John Daniels and his wife Noni are in charge of the Bear Ridge Stores, a butcher shop. The village is desolate, crumbling and almost falling apart due to an apocalyptic event. However, the couple refuses to close their failing business. They do not want to leave the village. Instead, the couple consumes whiskey and reminisce about the good old days when there was no conflict.

Thomas beautifully crafts the story to emphasise the importance of memories. The semi-autobiographical work explores the places that people leave behind. The playwright believes that as time passes by, people’s memories start becoming unreliable. The mystery deepens as a dark unknown figure slowly moves toward the store where the couple resides.

The award-winning writer has previously worked for both TV and the stage. He was the co-creator of the popular television drama series Hinterland. With memorable plays such as Gas Station Angel and House of America, Thomas now enjoys a niche following amongst theatre goers.

Virtual reality storytelling

On Bear Ridge theatre tickets are available for shows between October 25 and November 23. Visitors to the Royal Court on those days can also experience the lore of the play through a detailed VR experience. Filmed near Swansea Valley where Thomas spent his childhood, the virtual reality film allows greater immersion in the landscape or story’s setting.

During the production’s run at the Royal Court, installations on certain sites make the VR experience possible. Created in collaboration with Cuckoo Nest, a production organisation, these installations will remain in place till November 23. The main aim here is to encourage recollection in your minds of the sounds and sight forgotten long ago.

Timings and other relevant information

Depending on your schedule, you can either watch the play in the evening or opt for a matinee show. Between Mondays and Saturdays, the evening show starts at 7.30 PM. For the matinee option, reach the theatre by 2.30 PM on Thursdays or Saturdays.

Avoid carrying outside food to the venue. Instead, you can try one of the many restaurants in the area for a delicious meal either before or after the play. Dress casually but remember to carry some warm clothing. The venue is completely air-conditioned, causing some discomfort amongst audiences.

Book the On Bear Ridge theatre tickets online for a hassle-free experience. After the booking is complete, make sure you save the mailed voucher on your phone. You can also take a print out of the document. On the day of the visit, carry this voucher and a valid photo identification along with you. Show these documents at the entrance for convenient access inside the venue without any delay. However, keep in mind that cancellation is impossible for tickets already booked, prohibiting refunds.