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Visit Osborne House in the Beautiful Isle of Wight

Are you an enthusiast of the British royal family? Do you want to know more about the personal lives of the legendary rulers? Or simply want to experience the grandeur and beauty of their personal estates and residences? Then a trip to Osborne House must be on top of your travel itinerary when you visit London. Situated in the beautiful, serene backdrop of the Isle of Wight, the magnificent royal residences were once the personal residence of Queen Victoria, arguably the most enigmatic monarch in contemporary history. She was not just the Queen of Britain and Ireland but also the ruler of the entire British colony, covering almost all the continents in the world.

The legends say that the Queen, wanting to get away from all the stress and attention in the capital, was looking for a calm, cosy place as her family residence. Eventually, she found this magnificent place in the Isle of Wight and officially made it her private summer home. The royal residence was designed by her royal consort, Prince Albert himself. He and the Queen, along with their children, frequently visited the place. They also hosted several dignitaries of both national and international importance in this place. The gorgeous royal residence, therefore, also holds great significance in the history of Great Britain. A visit to the beautiful Isle of Wight gives you the chance to see the Queen’s private residence along with the majestic décor and the incredible collections of royal exhibits. Moreover, you get to enjoy the stunning scenic beauty of the place itself.

The Majestic Durbar Room

The beautiful Osborne House is full of remarkable sights and exhibits for you to enjoy. However, the major highlight of this place is the incredible banquet hall of the royal residence – the Durbar Room. As the head of the state, Queen Victoria has also been honoured as the Empress of India, which was a British colony at that time. To honour and celebrate her reign in the exotic country, the magnificent Durbar Room was designed and decorated with exquisite architecture and décor inspired by the art and culture of India. Durbar means a stately reception hall where the rulers met their subjects, ministers, and foreign dignitaries. Retaining the essence, the famous architect John Lockwood Kipling elaborately designed the beautiful banquet hall. The intricate designs depicting peacocks (India’s national bird), Ganesha (the elephant-headed god of fortune and prosperity), and floral patterns all over the room are simply spellbinding.

Picturesque Landscape

Beyond the historical importance and the architectural wonder, Osborne House in the Isle of Wight is simply breathtaking. Located right by Osborne Bay, the place is as pretty as a picture. The royal residence itself is home to splendidly landscaped gardens. It is an exquisite example of Victorian Italian style. Stroll through the garden terraces to soak in the incredible view of the Solent.

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