Oxford & Cambridge Universities

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Visit Oxford And Cambridge On A Full-Day Trip From London

England has a rich, glorious heritage dating back centuries. For a long time, the country has been the seat of Western civilization. The country flourished not just in terms of trade and political dominance, but also as a melting pot of art, culture, science, and education. It houses some of the most eminent educational institutes in the world, and even today, it continues to maintain that legacy. Oxford and Cambridge—two of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world still bear the legacy of England’s eminence. So, if you are seriously keen on history, you just got to visit Oxford and Cambridge. More precisely, no trip to England is complete without a trip to these distinguished educational institutes. Take the special tour of these two university campuses and know more about the institutes. Learn the celebrated history that has been associated with these universities, admire the spiers that incubated great minds, and walk in the footsteps of the legends from these places that left a mark for posterity. Be rest assured, this is going to be one of the most unforgettable memories of your life.

The Glorious Tradition

Oxford and Cambridge are the two most distinguished universities in the world, not just in the United Kingdom. But beyond their importance in the field of academic excellence, they hold a special place in the history of England. They date back centuries. Naturally, the sites house some exquisite architecture as well. Also, both the campuses consist of extraordinary museums where you can learn about all their golden past, achievements, and contributions. They serve as the keepers of England’s glorious tradition in the field of education and cultivation of knowledge. They also stand tall to remind us of the brilliant scholars and their accomplishments in different fields. Come visit Oxford and Cambridge to get a slice of the magnificent history and bask in the glory of these prime institutions.

Spend A Day In Awe

Travelling from Cambridge to Oxford on public transport can take up to 9 hours if you take the regular bus service. Add the distance from London to the mix. Instead, by streamlining this ordeal into an organized tour, you can easily visit Oxford and Cambridge in a day. The posh, comfortable tour offers you a luxurious coach ride to the sites and returns to London. The trip will start from Victoria Coach Station and take you to Oxford first. Start your day by exploring the ‘City of Dreaming Spiers’, visit the iconic Bodleian Library and Christ Church College next, and spend some time in the beautiful garden. Then head towards the Great Hall that has been used as a location for the Harry Potter movies. Further, Cambridge University along with the beautiful little town surrounding it awaits your arrival. Adorned with exquisite gothic architecture, it is a place full of character. The highlights include Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge, University Library, King’s College Chapel, Corpus Clock, and many more. An experienced, professional guide will accompany you to assist you with the history of these places.

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