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A city filled with grand buildings and iconic monuments, Paris cannot possibly be covered in a single day if you are after a comprehensive experience. This ticket allows you to visit all of the famous places in a two-day span. The bus tour itself lasts for approximately two hours and twenty minutes on the Red Route and one hour and fifteen minutes on the Blue Route. All buses pass through almost all of the important attractions in Paris. The best feature about the tour is that you can get off at any of the stops that you deem worthy of a closer look.

You could also simply choose to enjoy the sights from from the comfort of your seat in the bus and take photos of the monuments. You will be provided with a poncho in case of rain and free Wi-Fi that you can use to live stream the tour or upload all your images to your social media accounts directly. A live running commentary will be provided to help you understand each of the sites better. It is still advisable to visit all the sights and explore them thoroughly on foot before getting on the next bus and exploring another attraction. Buses ply every five to fifteen minutes on the Classic Red Route and every thirty minutes on the Blue Route, eliminating long wait times.
The tour begins at perhaps the most popular monument in all of France – The Eiffel Tower. It is a fitting place for you to begin your tour of Paris, the city of love. From here the bus passes through 10 stops, all of which have their own appeal. You can get off at any point and climb the bus from any of the ten stops. The bus goes through Champ de Mars, and then to the famous Opera Garnier. If you are after something more subtle and artistic, the next stop is the Louvre Museum, which is home to the most famous portrait in the world, the Mona Lisa. There are also various invaluable paintings, sculptures, and relics from all over the world that are protected by the museum.
You can then head to the magnificent Cathedral of Notre Dame, the epitome of Gothic French architecture. You can spend the day wandering the colossal halls of this magnificent building and end the day by getting on a bus that passes through the Champs- Elysees, a street filled with famous cafes and luxury boutiques. The Grand Palais is also located here. The last stop is the Trocadero, which offers the best view of the Eiffel tower at night, thus bringing your journey to a remarkable finish. Of course, you could decide to change the order of your visits completely and experience Paris in an entirely different fashion!

Know Before You Go

Routes: Classic Route - Red The schedule for the tour is as follows: Tour Eiffel (First Pick Up: 9:30. Last Full Round Tour: 17:41. Last Pick Up: 19:56) - Champ de Mars ((First Pick Up: 9:37. Last Full Round Tour: 17:48. Last Pick Up: 20:03) - Opera Garnier (First Pick Up: 9:35. Last Full Round Tour: 18:22. Last Pick Up: 20:37) - Louvre Pyramide Stop 4 (First Pick Up: 9:15. Last Full Round Tour: 18:33. Last Pick Up: Terminus) - Louvre Pont des Arts (First Pick Up: 9:36. Last Full Round Tour: 16:30. Last Pick Up: 18:45)

The tour duration is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes. The frequency is about 5 to 15 minutes. Buses run from 8:50 to 20:00 and the tour ends at the stop 4 terminus. All buses terminate at stop 4 terminus (Louvre Pyramide). Pre-recorded commentary

Montmartre Blue Route The schedule for this route is as follows: Louvre Pyramide (First Bus: 10:00. Last Bus: 17:30)- Pigalle - Sacré-Coeur - Musée Grévin - Gare du Nord (First Bus: 9:30. Last Bus: 19:05) The tour duration is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The frequency is about 30 minutes. Pre-recorded commentary

The tour is wheelchair accessible.

Super-Flexible Cancellation Policy

Tickets can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

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