Père Lachaise Private Tour

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  • A two and a half hour tour that showcases the famous Parisian cemetary
  • View the graves of famous personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Fredric Chopin

Visit Paris’ largest cemetery on a Père Lachaise Private Tour

Are you tired of the chaos at every Paris attraction? Setting out on the Père Lachaise Private Tour is exactly the change you need if you desire peace and quiet.

Père Lachaise is the largest cemetery in Paris drawing visitors with its charm and allure. Named after François d’Aix de La Chaise, King Louis XIV’s confessor, the cemetery opened its doors in 1804. The sprawling forty-four hectares of the site serves as the final resting place for over 70,000 residents. Initially, Parisians felt Père Lachaise was too far from the city. Moreover, Roman Catholics considered the location unfit for burials as it lacked an official blessing from the Church. During its first year, the cemetery contained just thirteen bodies.

To popularise Père Lachaise, administrators came up with a promotional campaign, which involved moving the remains of famous playwright Moliere and poet Jean de La Fontaine in the cemetery.

Besides the older graves, Père Lachaise still accepts new burials. However, due to the lack of plots, a waiting list determines who are eligible. Additionally, present or former city residents are the only ones who can apply for a plot at this cemetery. To manage space efficiently, members of the same family are buried in the same grave. Therefore, reopening graves to add newer bodies is a common practice at this site.

Père Lachaise Private Tour
Père Lachaise Private Tour

A sombre look at stunning architecture

A Père Lachaise private tour involves much more than simply enjoying the tranquillity. Vintage graves in this cemetery offer a unique look at their architecture. Those with extensive knowledge about architecture can spend some time here to study the intricate craftsmanship of the epitaphs. Spot the Gothique, Monumental, Eclectique, Empire and Neo-Classique designs throughout the graves.

See the resting place of notable historical figures

The two-and-a-half-hour tour will bring you face-to-face with several graves belonging to renowned personalities. From Jim Morrison to Oscar Wilde and Frederic Chopin, Père Lachaise cemetery is the final resting place for many world-class artists and authors. Standing in front of their graves is a surreal experience, especially when you are a fan of their works.

During the Père Lachaise Private Tour, you can also learn about the violent history of the cemetery. In May 1871, this place became the last remaining stronghold for the National Guard during the Paris Commune Uprising. Hundreds of men were killed at the cemetery that day, leading to the end of the revolution. World War II and Holocaust memorials are other must-see attractions within the graveyard.

Book the tour to receive a confirmation email. Save your tickets on your phone and show it to initiate the tour during your Paris vacation. Children up to four years old do not require tickets to enter the site. The private tour allows you to explore the cemetery at your own pace. You are free to ask questions to the guide to know more about the graves or the history of Père Lachaise.


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