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Sister Act is a famous musical that has played on several stages across the world and is based on the hilarious 1992 film of the same name. So, it is hard to imagine some people still haven’t watched the hit screen production or one of the many staging of the show. Are you a stranger to the title too? Fret not, for the Sister Act tickets are on sale now. Buy yours to catch this witty musical comedy, which gathers some of the theatre’s most loved actors in a show that smells of another huge success this season. Its 2021 limited London run is anticipated to surpass many other musicals of the same genre, so ensure getting your tickets fast.

Award-Winning Cast and Creatives

For 2021, the show has been tailored to refresh your memory. The creative team particularly reworked the role of Deloris for an older actor to portray, Stay tuned for West End Sister Act casting details.

The show consists of a splendid creative team. Eight-time Oscar winner Alan Menken and Whoopi Goldberg herself propped the musical before it even started. Whoopi and famous producer Jamie Wilson are the producers of this musical rework. Bill and Cheri Steinkellner are behind the book used by the production, and Alan Menken is providing the music with lyrics by Slater. Sister Act is fully revamped and packed to cater to a wide variety of audiences. If you are in London and are searching for a musical that’s comic and touching, this is the show for you.

What is the Story of Sister Act?

Sister Act is a colourful tale of sisterhood, friendship and music. Watch the spectacular production to follow the ups and downs of disco dancer Deloris, whose life is about to change. She is sent to protective custody after she witnesses a murder. Where does she hide? A convent, a place nobody would suspect…or would they? While the Mother Superior carefully watches her, Deloris forms an unexpected bond with her fellow nuns through music. On her quest to help them discover their voices, she finds her own. Sit through a comical yet heart-warming musical that is probably the best tribute paid to sisterhood, friendship and music. Get your Sister Act tickets now if you haven’t yet.

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