The Addams Family

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Are you ready to meet the most beloved but bizarre family in town? Because the spooky Addams Family is coming back to the stage once again! Based on the kooky characters from Charles Addams’ gag cartoons, creators Rick Elice and Marshall Brickman brought the mega-hit musical that has created quite a rave among audiences of all ages. There is no surprise that whenever Gomez and Morticia Addams take to the stages with the kids, the Addams Family tickets sell like hotcakes!

We Love the Addams, Don’t We?

Charles Addams, in his iconic creation, depicted a ghoulish American family that loves everything macabre. Everything in the Addams household is quite upside-down, nothing of the sort you would expect in an average family. The feeling of pain gives them joy, and insults are taken as compliments. Pain and death are their most coveted things, and they love to paint everything in black. Yet, the whacky family deals with things that you would find in any typical household. Be it a mother-daughter relationship, or the tantrums your teenage kids put up daily. Thus, the Addams family’s creepy bunch become dearly relatable and are loved by children, young adults, and grown-ups alike.


An International Hit!

Despite numerous adaptations on TV and films, the musical by Brickman and Elice has been a fan-favourite. Andrew Lippa’s quirky music takes the production to the next level, making people lose their heads over the chartbuster scores for years to come. Elephant Eye Theatricals presented the first production of The Addams Family. Following its success in the Chicago Try-out, it opened on Broadway in 2010, featuring Nathan Lane as Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth as his beloved wife, Morticia. As the musical began its international tours, it was nominated for several prestigious awards, including two consecutive Tony nominations for Nathan Lane. Even after a decade, the musical remains one of the top-grossing productions in Broadway and the West End. The show, proving to be a comical feast, keeps winning the audience’s hearts for its whacky, yet innocent nuances.

All Hail Wednesday Addams!

The new production is all about the grown-up Addams children. But most importantly, it is about Wednesday Addams. The daughter of Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday, is the ultimate queen of sass and the epitome of Goth Chic! She is all that you could ask for in an American teenager, except with an additional dose of macabre. In the story, Wednesday turns eighteen and eventually falls in love with Lucas Beineke. However, the Beineke family is an ordinary, simple family—the worst nightmare Morticia Addams could ever imagine. The story takes a turn as Wednesday invites the Beinekes over dinner and, predictably, chaos ensues.

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