The Comedy of Errors

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The Comedy of Errors comes to London's Barbican for a limited run!

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The Royal Shakespeare Company is returning with Shakespeare’s notable work, ‘The Comedy of Errors’. The Barbican is the venue to be at if you want to watch this riveting play unfold before your eyes. Available from November onwards, the comedy-drama piece will surely win hearts and get praises from critics and audiences alike.

The theatrical piece will be helmed by Philip Breen, the brilliant physical comedy master. With an unparalleled RSC track record, he promises a delightful experience in London’s Barbican. Get your The Comedy of Errors tickets to witness this marvellous piece of theatrical work. If you are an avid theatre-goer, you will have a great time at the venue. Take your friends or family members along, and enjoy the skillful work of Breen and his crew, as they display the age-old play in a way that will be both refreshing and humorous at the same time.

Comedy of Errors – Confusion, Uncertainty, and Humour Everywhere

The play involves a father who winds up in the wrong nation at an incorrect time, just as the government is making hasty travel-related proclamations. Meanwhile, a lonely son searches for his brother, losing himself in the process. Across town, a wife starts to realise that her husband is an entirely different person than how she perceived him. She rather likes it. Philp Breen’s production promises to be a laugh-a-minute ride. Supported by a stellar cast, he knows the art of making his audience laugh so much that they will be more than eager to watch his next work.

The play is similar to numerous Shakespearean adaptations, where an idea leads to several possibilities for tragedy or humour. In this case, both the brothers are named Antipholus. The servants, too, have similar names, that of Dromio. All these give rise to misunderstandings and mix-ups, creating many hilarious encounters that are bound to leave the audience laughing endlessly.

Philip Breen is known to make the most of the original source and exploit every bit of text for its comic possibilities. Expect the same for this theatrical version too. ‘Slapstick’ is how you can describe this production. Breen has a good understanding of Shakespeare’s works. Hence, you can expect him to craftily draw the darkness that lurks in all of Shakespeare’s comical works. To watch this remarkable show, get The Comedy of Errors tickets today. The talented cast promises to deliver another enigmatic and memorable performance.

The Cast and Creative Team

Get The Comedy of Errors tickets for an entertaining show that also has the potential to touch your heart with its subtle drama. The play features Jonathan Broadbent, Toyin Ayedun-Alase, Alfred Clay, Antony Bunsee, William Grint, Hedydd Dylan, Avita Jay, and more notable artists. Max Jones acts as the design head, while Paddy Cunneen will ensure you are charmed by music. Renny Krupinski is in charge of the fights, and Dyfan Jones will work on the sound.

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