The Girl Who Fell

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The Girl Who Fell Theatre Production

 Using humour to showcase the deep sorrow looming in the background is what makes Sarah Rutherford’s The Girl Who Fell theatre production such a powerful experience for audience members. Exploring the subject of social media addiction, the play is targeted toward young adults and their parents.

Intense character-driven storytelling

Social media addiction is a reality today with young adults spending days hooked to their electronic devices to create a digital record of their lives. Rutherford’s hard-hitting play deals with many relevant topics, forcing audience members to question certain aspects of their daily lives.

The author possesses immense experience with effective storytelling. She is the former Park Theatre Writer and penned Adult Supervision. Some of the themes in The Girl Who Fell theatre production includes loss, guilt and online behaviour leading to scandalous situations. It has all the ingredients to make it one of the most popular plays this year.

The Girl Who Fell Theatre production at Trafalgar Studios
The Girl Who Fell at Trafalgar Studios

Engaging stories

The play starts with the suicide of 15-year old Sam. Her mother, Thea is completely clueless when it comes to the reason behind the suicide. In her grief, she begins to search for answers related to the cause of her daughter’s death. When relatives and friends blame Thea for Sam’s suicide, she too starts feeling the same way about the incident.

In her search for answers, Thea seeks help from two teenagers, named Lenny and Billy. A lost soul, Gil, joins the trio in their endeavours. During the investigation, the bereaved mother realises that the answers to her questions may be beyond her wildest expectations. The mystery deepens at every turn. However, the concluding act is special and promises to be exceptionally memorable.

The mixture of humour, mystery and drama to ultimately showcase the tragedy in the lives of modern youth makes the production a brilliant experience.

Hassle-free theatre outing

The Girl Who Fell theatre production will run in Trafalgar Studios between October 15 and November 23. Evening shows start at 7.40 PM between Tuesdays and Saturdays. On Thursdays and Saturdays, you can venture into a post-lunch show starting at 3.00 PM. Trafalgar Studios can seat 380 members at once so book your tickets soon.

Outside food is restricted inside the theatre. However, the in-house bar serves refreshing drinks to guests during a show. Those looking for a meal can enjoy the delicious fare at one of the many restaurants before or after the show. Although a strict dress code is absent, ensure you wear casual and comfortable clothing to the venue. The air-conditioned room can become too chilly for some and warm clothing is recommended.

After booking the tickets online, save the emailed vouchers on your phone. You can also take a print out. Carry this voucher on the show date and display it at the entrance to access the theatre. Keep in mind that cancellation or amendment of the booked voucher is prohibited. Lastly, ensure you carry a valid photo ID when visiting the theatre to ensure convenient entry.