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  • Witness a magical production of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet performed by the English National Ballet this Christmas

Nutcracker London – a Magical Christmas Ballet

A captivating adaptation by the English National Ballet, Nutcracker comes to life at the London Coliseum during every Christmas season. Audiences both old and new, eagerly await this breath-taking wonderland of a ballet production. The stirring compositions by Pyotr Tchaikovsky enhance the other-worldly and delicate atmosphere, as more than a hundred dancers and musicians create a mind-blowing live performance, the likes of which cannot be topped. The dazzling costumes of the entire cast, featuring toy soldiers and rats, and the spectacular set design offer an exquisite sensory experience. The Nutcracker London production is a Christmas tradition known all over the world and is a treat for all the family!

Criticised in the past, loved in the present

The Nutcracker is the last of Tchaikovsky’s three ballets. Its story is loosely based on “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King” by E.T.A. Hoffmann, wherein a young girl befriends a nutcracker which comes to life on Christmas Eve to do battle with the evil Mouse King. Whereas Hoffmann’s story is on the darker side, choreographer Marius Petipa of the Imperial Russian Ballet brought a lighter version of the story to the stage.

When Tchaikovsky was working on his story in February 1891, he travelled through Paris. There, he discovered the celesta, an instrument with a crystal-clear tone like a bell that matched the fairy-tale ambience of the Nutcracker perfectly. He acquired the instrument for his ballet, performed in December 1892 at the Mariinsky Theatre. Although the play failed to impress everyone with its first performance, it became one of the most regularly performed ballets. It also served as an introductory classical music inspiration for the youth of the time.

Nutcracker London - An epic battle between the rat army and the toy soldiers
An epic battle between the rat army and the toy soldiers

The Story of The Nutcracker

The Stahlbaums are welcoming friends and family into their home, where they are holding their yearly Christmas party. Clara and Fritz, the children, also welcome their friends as they dance and play. With the arrival of godfather Drosselmeyer, the celebrations really begin. He is an expert in making toys, and he makes the evening more fun with plenty of gifts for everyone. He gifts Clara a beautiful Nutcracker, which her brother Fritz becomes jealous of and breaks. However, Drosselmeyer fixes it for her. As the party comes to a happy close, the guests leave and the Stahlbaums retire. Later, a worried Clara sneaks back to the tree to check on her beloved Nutcracker and falls asleep there.

Strange things start to happen at midnight. Clara shrinks to the size of the toys around her, which come to life. Then, the bad Mouse King leads an army of mice into the room. The Nutcracker wakes up and charges his toy army into a battle with the mice. The Nutcracker and the Mouse King engage in a one-on-one fight, but it seems he may not be able to stop the evil Mouse King.

Hereon, the story becomes even more intriguing and brilliant. What will Clara do? What will happen now? Find out by getting tickets for Nutcracker London – a delightful Christmas ballet you will love to watch!


  • Performance Information

    Theatre Company
    English National Ballet

    Concept and Choreography by
    Wayne Eagling

    Concept by
    Toer van Schayk

    Music by
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

    Design by
    Peter Farmer

    Lighting by
    David Richardson

  • Performance Times

    Tuesday – Saturday: 2:30 PM and 7:30 PM

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    The London Coliseum Theatre has a seating capacity of 2,359. It has an in-house lounge, cloakroom and is wheelchair accessible.

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