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Richard O'Brien's classic and the world's favourite Rock 'n' Roll Musical

The Rocky Horror Show London Tickets Bring You the Best Rock n’ Roll Musical in Town!

Hello to all the Rock n’ Roll fans out there! Your favourite musical The Rocky Horror Show is once again back in the West End after a triumphant UK tour. As it premiered at London’s Royal Court Theatre, it witnessed a gate-crashing footfall in each of its performances before it closed in September 1980. During its 2960 shows, the phenomenal production received the Evening Standard Theatre Award in 1973 for Best Musical. The subsequent US tour was also a phenomenal success, indicating the widespread appreciation and fan-following of the quirky horror spoof. It is no surprise, therefore, that once the Rocky Horror Show London Tickets are out, they will sell out like hotcakes. So, if you want to watch the riveting performance live on the West End stage, make sure you order yours as soon as possible.

The legendary Richard O’Brien Rock n’ Roll extravaganza has already won millions of hearts with its fascinating performance, captivating story, and most importantly, groovy music. Since it first debuted back in 1973, it made a mark in the history of West End musicals. No one has seen anything like this. The hilarious take on the 1930s horror B movies and sci-fi has elements of spooky horror, bone-tickling gag reels, and foot-tapping music—everything you need to enjoy a perfectly entertaining evening with your friends and family.

The Perfect Combination of Horror and Laughter

The Rocky Horror Show London Tickets take the audience onto a journey of odd twists and turns, accompanied by its two protagonists, Brad and Janet, a newly engaged couple with a squeaky-clean record as college students. The thrill begins as they get caught in a thunderstorm and finally end up in a creepy castle in the middle of nowhere. There, they come across a strange character—Dr. Frank N Furter, a transvestite man who claims to be a genius scientist working on a revolutionary invention that could allegedly change the world, or so they think. But in reality, the mad scientist has created an artificially developed, rowdy muscle man named Rocky, who is more of a Frankenstein-style monster. But the scientist seems to be oblivious of the horror Rocky would soon unleash, instead brags his perfection completed with “a tan and blonde hair”.

The two-act musical then takes you along the spine-chilling adventure with Brad and Janet, as they navigate their ways around the castle and at times, getting themselves involved in the peculiar incidents that take place within it.

A Powerful Performance

The stellar performance, composed and based on the book by Richard O’Brien, has showcased stellar actors and performers since its earliest shows. The present cast, featuring Ore Oduba, Haley Flaherty, Kristine Lavercombe, along with the extraordinary Stephen Webb playing the role of Dr. Frank N Furter promises an outstanding evening to the viewers. Moreover, your Rocky Horror Show London Tickets also give you chance to watch the chartbuster musical numbers, including the all-time favourites “Time Warp” and “Rose Tint My World”.

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