The Shark is Broken

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Behind the scenes secrets of Jaws live on stage

Get The Shark is Broken Tickets to Experience a Jaws-themed Horror Comedy

Remember Jaws? The movie where people were eaten alive by the horrific shark near New England Beach? Of course, you do! There is hardly anyone who hasn’t enjoyed the iconic movie. Even after all these years, the thrilling man vs. wild escapade remains one of the most favourite choices for a family get-together, a cosy movie night, or a fun hangout with your mates. But imagine how cool it would feel to watch this masterpiece being made? To get a sneak peek behind the scenes? That too enacted live on stage! Absolutely marvellous, if we may say so. If you feel the same, then make sure to get the Shark is Broken tickets.

Beyond the Jaws nostalgia, the performance has lots of surprises in store for you. While it would be a rather criminal offence to give out any spoiler and ruin the whole thing for you, here is a little piece of info to keep your anticipation running. A pivotal role in this stage version of Jaws behind the scenes is played by Ian Shaw, the son of original Jaws-superstar Robert Shaw. You might also catch a glimpse of the father-son duo rocking the stage together, who knows?

Making Waves!

A Guy Masterson creation, co-created with Joseph Nixon, this stellar performance has already received roaring accolades from viewers and critics alike. The brand-new play took the audience by storm at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe. Now, it is all set to do it again. But this time, it is coming to your beloved Theatreland, the West End. Initially, it was planned to hit the London stages in May 2020. Sadly, we got hit by COVID-19 instead. Now, as things have started to look better, we can expect the enthralling performance to open its doors to the audience soon. It is scheduled for the early weeks of October this year and will run for a limited time. So, don’t let the precious Shark is Broken tickets sell out before you get your hands on them.

Fighting Sharks, Broken Machines, and a Hangover

Jaws, arguably one of the greatest films of all time, is made fighting against all sorts of odds. Keeping up with the sentiment, the show’s creators had crafted the show depicting all the toil and hard work the original crew had to go through, but with a funny twist.

The Shark is Broken tickets will take you behind the scenes of the production—onto the deep, blue see to be precise. As the curtain rises, you will find the three lead actors of Jaws stuck on a lonely boat somewhere in the ocean. The faulty mechanical shark, added with foul weather, is starting to get on their last nerve. If that was not enough, three great white sharks, scary and fully-hammered (Heavens know how!) appear from nowhere. Now, what happens to the stars? To find out, go watch the hilarious drama yourself.


  • Content Warning

    Please note this production contains strong language and swearing.

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    ** Full vaccination** (first and second dose), and with the second dose administered at least 14 days before your visit.
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