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Written by the English author Raymond Briggs, The Snowman is a famous picture book for children, first published in 1978. The book is so good that it immediately went on to secure the runner-up’s position for the Kate Greenaway Medal. It was recognised as the best children’s book illustration of the year by an English author. The Snowman London show is based on the same book. Its success led the adaptation of an animated TV special, which also won several awards. It took only eight years for this popular story to become a staple of the West End stage. Ever since it did, the show has entertained thousands of people. For many, The Snowman is now a must-watch Christmas tradition during their time in the city.

A warm story that touches your heart

A young boy wakes up to a snow-filled morning. Excited, he spends the day building a snowman, adding a satsuma nose, scarf and a hat. After admiring his snow buddy, he goes into an uneasy sleep. Waking up at midnight, he heads downstairs to check on the Snowman. As he goes out to the garden, his creation comes to life! The boy invites the snow-white figure indoors then gives him a tour of his house. The Snowman loves the chest freezer and refrigerator, and it also tries on the mother’s hat and the father’s trousers and glasses. After the Snowman sees the boy’s world, it takes him by the hand, runs into the garden and, all of a sudden takes to the sky! Flying over fields, cities and towns, they gradually get down on a boat to check out the coast. After a magical night together, they head back home.

The Snowman London - The boy and the Snowman take a ride!
The boy and the Snowman take a ride!

If you have the book, you know it does not require words to express the feelings and emotions of the story. The Snowman gently assures the unwilling little boy to go back inside. Hesitant, the boy returns to his room and falls asleep. Upon waking up the next day, the boy rushes down to check and discovers that the figure has melted, and only the nose, scarf and hat remain.

The Snowman London show in the West End is just perfect for reliving the amazing moments of the book, portrayed so brilliantly that you will be mushy with a mix of emotions!

A show fit for all ages

An instant classic, the fun-filled story is about friendship and adventure, things that are timeless. Most adults know this story and love it for its unique nature. Aimed at children, it never fails to captivate. The Snowman London show is also tweaked with added elements that offer a fresh experience. So, book your tickets today, and watch the story come to life right before your eyes as you embark on an unforgettable journey of childhood nostalgia.


  • Show Information

    Directed by
    Bill Alexander

    Based on the book by
    Raymond Briggs

    Music by
    Howard Blake

    Choreographed by
    Robert North

  • Show Times

    Wednesday: 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM
    Thursday: 7:00 PM
    Sunday: 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM

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