The Somme Battlefield Tour

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  • Visit the site of the Somme Offensive
  • Head over to The Museum of the Great War
  • Discover the villages that witnessed and suffered during the war

Immerse yourself in history on the Somme battlefield tour

Explore the Somme Battlefield’s most significant historical spots and dive into history by taking the Somme battlefield tour. Many consider this battle as one of the most brutal battles in the history of humankind; so is the battleground.

Also known as the Somme Offensive, the Battle of the Somme was a First World War battle. It was a battle between the German Empire and the armies of the French Third Republic and the British Empire. The name comes from the location of the battle, as it took place on the River Somme’s upper reaches. Both sides of the upper reaches witnessed a vigorous and long-fought confrontation between July and November 1916.

Explore the trenches

Marks of the bloody battle are visible in the form of mine craters, trenches, village ruins and annihilated vegetation. Discover the villages of La Boisselle, Péronne and Villers-Bretonneux, where the Canadian, British and Australian troops earned reputation. Each of these sites shows evidence of the savage method of solving conflicts that people once thought was best.

The British and the French decided to move forth with an Allied offensive measure. They agreed upon a combined strategy of attacking the Central Powers in 1916. The former two teamed up with the Italian and Russian armies to carry the Somme offence.

Somme battlefield tour - The trenches as seen from above
The trenches as seen from above

Professional guide included

Your Somme battlefield tour guide will take you through the area where the destructive battle of the Great War took place. Explore the grounds and numerous war relics that are scary reminders of the past. In The Museum of the Great War, you can see different kinds of weaponry used during the war.

The Battle of Somme was meant to quicken the Allied victory, and it was the biggest clash of WWI on the Western Front. An unbelievable three million people took part. Of those who fought, one million men died or were seriously wounded. Another element that adds to this battle’s significance is the use of tanks and air power. It was the first battle with tanks. Although tanks were not a brand-new technology, they were in the development phase, and many broke down.

Somme battlefield tour - WWI weapons
WWI weapons

The French and British armies had penetrated 10 km into the territory occupied by the German. This acquisition was more than all their offensives since the 1914 Battle of the Marne. The Battle was a widespread horror of 141 days.

By touring the Somme Battlefield, you will come across unforgettable history. The determination of different empires and their will to achieve the impossible led to unbelievable bloodshed one can never forget. However, there has been one positive outcome, and that is peace through the chaos. The world today is the result of all that happened before, and much has changed. There are no more wars and million casualties. The only thing left is an abundance of knowledge which teaches us, humans, to be better. Embark on the Somme battlefield tour to also remember the brave soldiers from both sides who fought vigorously and valiantly.


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