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Exhilarating fun at Thorpe Park Resort!

Home to some of the UK’s top roller coasters, Thorpe Park Resort is one of England’s best-loved theme parks. Launched in 1979, the park continues to attract a high number of visitors every year, with Thorpe Park tickets in huge demand. Thorpe Park is divided into eight zones – Lost City, Swarm Island, The Dock Yard, Port and Basecamp, Angry Birds Land, Old Town, The Jungle and Amity. Each zone has several themed attractions and rides, which take more than an entire day to explore. There are several themed hotels in the resort, including the Thorpe Shark Hotel, letting visitors rest after a day of fun and enjoyment.

Over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and events!

Visitors to Thorpe Park can enjoy more than 30 exciting rides and attractions. The UK’s first winged roller coaster, The Swarm, features five inversions, and riders can experience 4.5 times the force of gravity. World-famous Stealth also offers thrills, accelerating from 0 to 80 mph in under two seconds, making it the fastest roller coast in the UK. Other exciting rides include the volcano-themed Nemesis Inferno, the mighty Colossus, and the quick-spinning Samurai ride.

Thorpe Park Tickets - 'Stealth' and 'Samurai'
‘Stealth’ and ‘Samurai’

Thorpe Park Resort also has rides for smaller passengers, including the Zodiac, Quantum, and the Flying Fish roller coaster. For fans of the mobile game, Angry Birds Land is a popular zone worth visiting. If you love water rides, there are several to choose from, including Tidal Wave, Storm Surge and Depth Charge. If you’re looking for a scare, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon won’t disappoint. Themed as an abandoned Victorian train depot, it features VR headsets, illusions and motion simulation that will give you goosebumps.

The park also holds special events several times a year, such as Fright Night – the biggest Halloween party in the UK. For those who like a challenge, try Jungle Escape – an escape room like no other. If that’s not your style, why not try BounceZilla instead, and traverse a 90-metre inflatable assault course.

Thorpe Park Tickets - 'Detonator: Bombs Away'
‘Detonator: Bombs Away’

Ride to survive! ‘The Walking Dead: The Ride’

The Walking Dead: The Ride is a zombie-themed indoor roller coaster offering terrifying thrills and chills. Join other survivors and navigate to the safety of an indoor bunker, but beware – an invasion of Walkers is imminent! Featuring alarms, live actors, blood-stained walls and jump scares galore, this ride isn’t for the faint-hearted!

With so much to do, a visit to Thorpe Park is a guaranteed great day out for all the family. So, unlock a world of fun and excitement with Thorpe Park tickets and start your adventure today.


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  • Opening Hours

    Thorpe Park is generally open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Check opening hours when booking.

  • How to get to Thorpe Park

    Thorpe Park is twenty miles from Central London. By train, travel to Staines Railway station from London Waterloo. Trains run approximately every thirty minutes.

  • Getting your tickets

    Your tickets will be emailed to you within 20 minutes of purchase. You must carry a printed copy of the tickets to the venue along with a valid photo ID.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Tickets cannot be cancelled, amended or rescheduled.

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