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  • See the play based on the classic 1960 novel of the same name by Harper Lee.

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Aaron Sorkin adapted Harper Lee’s timeless novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, for the stage, and it is being produced by Bartlett Sher. It has been almost six decades and Harper Lee’s book continues to win every heart. To Kill a Mockingbird has never stopped printing ever since its first publication, selling more than 45 million copies all over the world. This Broadway play is warm and sometimes funny but actually deals with a sensitive subject such as racial discrimination. The novel was released during a time when America was facing the last extent of racism, and it became a pathfinder for those who wanted the turmoil to change. The To Kill a Mockingbird Broadway adaptation is transferring to the Gielgud Theatre from May 2020, after an immensely successful run on Broadway.

A top-grossing play starring talented actors

Bartlett Sher’s latest London works include Oslo, and The King and I. He directed the production of To Kill a Mockingbird for its premiere at New York’s Schubert Theatre. The production broke the box office record by grossing $1.5 million in just one week.

Jeff Daniels, well-known from a series of good movies, plays the role of Atticus Finch. While Celia Keenan-Bolger is playing Scout, Will Pullen will appear as Jem. With Sher’s ideas and the actors’ skills, this play is going to offer a wonderful feeling. Watch it for an important lesson that will make you grateful for having equality and freedom unlike before.

To Kill a Mockingbird Broadway - Atticus Finch and the children on stage
Atticus Finch and the children on stage

A legendary show

The To Kill a Mockingbird Broadway play perfectly reflects the culture of racism of the then America. Through Atticus Finch, the protagonist, you will explore the true meaning of integrity. Finch is a small-town lawyer and stands for the helpless. He is among those people who wanted to make his country better.

The story is set in 1935; Atticus Finch is a widowed father, living with his children (Scout and Jem) in Maycomb, Alabama. Racial tension is high in this region and it is suffering from the aftermath of the Great Depression. Amidst all that, Scout is able to live an untroubled life, free from the problems of race. But, everything changes when she watches her father stand up for Tom Robinson, an innocent man on the verge of hearing a death sentence only because of racial partiality. This causes the racist community to launch attacks on the accused, as well as the family of the defender. How will Atticus pull Tom out of this mess?

Scout realises that not everything the society shows as true is real facts. With her elder brother, Jem and father Atticus’ guidance, she discovers that growing up also means to do what is right, no matter the cost. Watch To Kill a Mockingbird Broadway play, a story which became an icon of morality, childhood innocence, and love. It serves as a depiction of the old days of slavery and its removal from America.


  • Show Information

    Leading Roles
    Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch
    Celia Keenan-Bolger as Scout
    Will Pullen as Jem

    Written by
    Aaron Sorkin

    Directed by
    Bartlett Sher

    Produced by
    Scott Rudin

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