Underground London Small Group Walking Tour

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  • Explore one of the Underground's original stations with an expert guide
  • Learn the history of the Underground

Explore Underground London 

London is a traveller’s paradise in its truest sense. No matter whether you are a history buff or more into crazy nightlife, the city has got it all for you. While visiting the capital, start your day by visiting Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, spend the afternoon roaming in Kew Garden, enjoy the evening breeze by the River Thames, and rock the night with the dazzling neon lights at Picadilly Square or the retail heaven at Oxford Street. Of course, we are not even mentioning the countless museums, exhibitions, nightclubs, theatres, or pubs yet. The point, however, is that you will never run out of “touristy things” to do while in London. But if you want to go a little out of the box, it has more to offer than you can imagine. Amidst the bustling city, there lies another world of hidden gems that can take your breath away if you are brave enough to venture off the familiar path. The most exciting one of them is undoubtedly Underground London

Puzzled? No, we are not talking about a notorious underworld run by gangsters and conspirators! Instead, we are talking about the abandoned tube stations that lie in the underbelly of the great city. That’s right. On your next tour to London, you can take a guided tour of one of these non-functioning tube stations and traverse the city’s exciting history. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your explorer’s cap and join us in the most thrilling experience of your life. 

A Tour of London’s Heritage

London has a long history with its underground railways, more commonly known as the tubes. It is the first underground railway service in the world, a wonder from modern technology that changed urban communication for the rest of the world. The journey began with the construction of the Metropolitan Railway back in the 19th century. At first, it started as gas-lit wooden carriages driven by steam locomotives. Eventually, it became the swankiest ride in the city, unless you drive a sports car yourself. 

Today, there are about 272 functioning stations across the network of Underground London. However, over 40 stations have been abandoned for various reasons. But that does not mean they lost their significance of charm in the city’s legacy. They still hold a treasure trove of history, culture, urban myths, and tales as old as time. Some of them were devastated during World War II, some of them now serve as filming locations, and some are said to be haunted. Which sounds more exciting to you? Tell us, or better, take a trip down the hole to experience the fun yourself. 

Highlights of the Tour

In this Underground London, you will enjoy a guided walking tour organised in small groups. No rush, no pushover. You can explore the place at your own pace and comfort. The expert tour guide will share interesting trivia about the place and how they have shaped British cultural life. Not a fan of interactions? Don’t worry; take the audio headset and enjoy your own company.


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