What The Ladybird Heard

A colourful adventure for all ages! “A terrific and witty adventure” -- The Guardian (on the book)

Get What The Ladybird Heard Tickets To Give Your Kids A Perfect Theatrical Treat

If you are an avid fan of theatre, you might be keen on giving your little ones a taste of the legendary West End stages. But, in case you are worried that it would be too much for a 3-years old to sit through an hour-long musical, don’t worry! That is the exact reason why shows like What the Ladybird Heard are there. Yes, you heard it right. The popular kids’ writers Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monk’s beloved picture book story is coming on the stages of London in the coming months of 2021 for a limited run, marking its West End debut. Believe us when we say this—the West End has some magic in store for everyone, including children. And for any kid, what could be better than an evening with their favourite storybook characters and their mischievous adventures? Moreover, the show is designed specifically for children, designed with lively music, amazing puppetry, and of course, lots of laughter. The beautiful farmland adventure promises an afternoon full of fun and merry. So, get What the Ladybird Heard Tickets and make your kids’ debut as a West End connoisseur happen.

Get On Board With The Mighty Little Ladybird

If you have little humans in your home, then there is a chance that the brave, beautiful Ladybird is already an integral part of your nightly routine. Bestselling author Julia Donaldson’s smashing-hit picture book, beautifully illustrated by and Lydia Monk, is already a sensational hit across the United Kingdom. The colourful depiction of the farmland, filled with cutesy animals and their activities, has already got the toddlers hooked. And to be completely honest, parents like the innocent, witty fun contained within the colourful pages. Now, imagine all that fun coming alive on the stage! All the noisy farm animals with their Moos and Quacks and Oinks coming together in a fun little adventure, led by the silent Ladybird. Also, the performance is just a happy combination of vibrant puppetry, enthralling live music, and witty dialogues. Even the younger children will be pumped to see all the action happening on stage. What could be a better idea to entertain your children with a live West End show? So, go ahead and get your What the Ladybird Heard Tickets to spend a fun-filled time with your family.

A Picturesque Performance

The musical version of the popular kids’ story is a visual treat nonetheless. It successfully manages to keep the visual appeal of the illustrated book with the vibrant stage design. Honestly, the production looks just like the beautiful drawings of the book, if not better. The performance even uses the actual rhymes from the book only to transform them into catchy, upbeat musical numbers. All in all, What the Ladybird Heard Tickets will transport you to a magical land made real with stunning puppetry and fantastic acting, and live singing. So, get ready to join the Ladybird and her animal friends on the West End stage and watch your kids giggling along.