Witness for the Prosecution

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Why Watch Witness for the Prosecution

Walk into the spectacular London County Hall and immerse yourself in the drama and emotion of Agatha Christie’s timeless tale. Witness for the Prosecution is a gripping story of passion, betrayal, and justice in an unparalleled setting.

The Story

This play is an excellent adaptation of Agatha Christie’s masterpiece by the same name. Its beauty resides not just in the actual mystery, but in the remarkable courtroom setting, with all its formality and theatricality. The drama that ensues in the courtroom is brought out brilliantly by the talented cast of performers. With incredible sound design, realistic costumes, and smooth dialogue sequences, Witness for the Prosecution makes for a riveting watch.

Good for

Crime and Mystery Lovers | Agatha Christie Fans

Critics Reviews

“Agatha Christie’s ingenious courtroom drama fits perfectly in County Hall”
– The Gaurdian

“Hugely fun site-specific revival of this Agatha Christie courtroom drama”
– Time Out

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