As You Like It

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As You Like It

William Shakespeare produces some of the finest English plays in history, both tragedies and comedies. As You Like It is one of the finest examples of the latter. Everything about this work breaks the mould when it comes to a romantic tale, including the politics, nature and even the gender roles. Interested parties can book a show at the Barbican to witness the ‘As You Like It’ London experience.

The vibrant and engaging characters

Every Shakespeare fan loves the characters of the play, Rosalind and Jacques. The playwright uses Jacques to put forth a unique perspective of life when compared to his other characters. He is a melancholy traveller who has some of the most impressive lines in the play.

Director Kimberly Sykes does a brilliant job in portraying the humour while remaining passionate to the original work. As You Like It London is expected to showcase the joy of love, while also maintaining the comedic relief, keeping the audience hooked to the action. Besides these aspects, the production includes storytelling and puppetry, leading to a more engaging tale altogether. The play promises to keep you engaged and tickle your funny bone, making it an unmissable affair.

As You Like It London
As You Like It on stage in London

The strangely impressive plot

The play begins with Duke Senior’s exile at the hand of his vile brother Duke Frederick. The former Duke’s daughter, Rosalind remains at court. Parallelly, Orlando is kept in poverty by his brother Oliver after their father’s passing. Orlando falls in love with Rosalind at first sight. However, he is forced to flee from home when he comes to know about Oliver’s evil plans.

Similarly, Rosalind is soon exiled from Duke Frederick’s court. Both Orlando and Rosalind wind up in the same forest. However, Rosalind is disguised as a man during the meeting. Will she show her true form to her lover or will she continue to deceive him? To know how the story unravels, make sure you book the tickets to the production at the Barbican Theatre.

Timings and details

The production lands at the Theatre for a brief run between October 26, 2019, and January 18, 2020. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and book the tickets early to receive the best seats. At almost 3 hours, the play includes one intermission. As You Like It London is expected to draw in the crowds. Thankfully, the Theatre can seat more than 1100 people at once across 4 sections.

As usual, the theatre administration restricts outside food within the venue. You can enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants and cafes nearby before or after the production. In the absence of a strict dress code, visitors can wear smart and casual clothing. Carrying some warm clothing is wise since the air-conditioning can make the venue too chilly for some.

After booking your tickets online, ensure you save the digital voucher on your phone. Taking a printout of the same is also a valid option. Carry the voucher to enter the Theatre. Keep in mind, cancellation is impossible once tickets are booked.