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Step back in time at the Churchill War Rooms

The Churchill War Rooms, a war museum in King Charles Street, London, is one of the Imperial War Museum’s five sites. The museum comprises a wartime underground bunker, which accommodated a British government command centre during WWII. It also shelters Cabinet War Rooms and the Churchill Museum, which explores the life of Winston Churchill. If twentieth-century history interests you, the museum is the place to visit. Purchase Churchill War Rooms tickets to immerse yourself in the past and explore this historically significant site.

Walk the corridors where history was made

Charles Key (MP) refuted the idea of opening the Churchill War Rooms for public viewing post-war. He considered it unrealistic to allow the general public into an office of confidential work. However, on 4th April 1984, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher opened the Rooms to the public.

With Churchill War Rooms tickets, visitors can walk the corridors stretching underneath Westminster. These rooms and corridors protected Churchill and his cabinet from the German bombings. Navigate through them and hear stories about those who worked, slept and lived in the War Rooms.  See where Churchill met his War Cabinet and catch a glimpse of what life felt like throughout the intense days and nights of WWII.

Dive into the core of Britain’s war efforts at the Churchill War Rooms and learn what life was like as the Museum takes you through a timeline of the Second World War. Interactive displays, exhibitions and artefacts offer in-depth knowledge about this period in history.

Tour the tunnels to see where the government strategised the Allied Route to Victory in the War Rooms. You can also enter the Map Room, standing preserved in time ever since the lights were turned off in 1945. The Transatlantic Telephone Room also features on the tour route. It was concealed as a private toilet but was originally the place where Churchill secretly communicated with the President of the US.

Learn the story of Churchill’s life and legacy

After touring the war rooms, visitors can explore the Churchill Museum and learn the legacy of the then Prime Minister. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was also a writer, an army officer, a salesman and, in later life, a painter. He became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom twice – from 1940 to 1945 and from 1951 to 1955.

The Museum uses modern technology to explain Churchill’s role in winning the war. The interactive exhibition gives the opportunity to relive the past and listen to extracts from his most influential speeches.

With Churchill War Rooms tickets, you get a first-hand experience of this famous British attraction. Such in-depth knowledge and insight are rarely available in physical form and can only be accessed by visiting the War Rooms. It typically takes ninety minutes to complete the tour, but you can easily spend a few hours exploring the Museum. So, if you’re a history buff, bring your friends along and discover more about this fascinating period of history.


  • Explore the historic wartime bunker at your own pace.
  • Discover the stories hidden beneath the streets of Westminster and learn about the lives and secrets of the staff during the Second World War.
  • See historic images, objects, and interviews of the men and women who worked in the underground hideaway as you learn about their secret lives working alongside the ex UK Prime Minister
  • Learn the story of Winston Churchill’s 90-year life from his childhood till his death in an award-winning interactive manner.


  • Admission to the Churchill War Rooms


Know Before You Go


  • November – March: Tour is only available on Sundays April – October – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday but varies depending on the time of year.
  • The tour starts at 2.00 PM and ends at 4:30 PM. The duration of the tour is 2.5 hours.
  • Meeting Time: 1.45PM Please be at meeting point at least 15min before departure time.

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This experience cannot be cancelled, amended or rescheduled.

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