Groan Ups

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Groan Ups

Mischief Theatre Company has etched a name for itself in the annals of world theatre with the humorous ‘Goes Wrong’ series, including Peter Pan Goes Wrong, Magic Goes Wrong and The Play That Goes Wrong. The latter fetched the company its first Olivier Award as well. Groan Ups is a brand-new comedy play from the minds at Mischief Theatre Company.

The cast and crew

Gentry Shields, Henry Lewis and Jonathan Sayer are the three creators behind the play. All three of them also join the action on stage as well. Sayer and Lewis are no strangers to the stage with their stint as teachers at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. They have brilliant playwriting skills, evident from their new creation, Groan Ups. Lewis is the recipient of the Mark Marvin Prize for his wonderful work on the play Superior Donuts. Other actors include Dave Hearn, Bryony Corrigan, Nancy Zamit and Charlie Russell.

The hilarious play promises to leave audiences gasping for breath. However, it is not all about mindless farce or jokes. Some parts of the action are thoughtful and will force you to reflect. All these characteristics make the production unmissable.

The real hero of the play is its story

The story revolves around a group of characters as they navigate different stages of their lives. It starts at Kindergarten when these characters are playing and having fun. It then shifts to their high school phase, when these characters are older and faces new challenges. Finally, Groan Ups moves to the adult phase of their life. Now, these characters are much more responsible, or are they? The story showcases whether people change as they age. Did the characters grow out of their high school crushes or are they still a lingering factor in their lives? Book your tickets to find out.

Length, timing and other details

The 2 hours and 10-minutes play features an intermission. You can book a show between Mondays and Saturdays at 7.30 PM. Those in the mood to catch a matinee show can purchase tickets for the 2.30 PM slot every Saturday.

The production is suitable for people aged over 13 years. Even so, Vaudeville Theatre houses 679 seats only, increasing the likelihood of sell-out shows. Therefore, book early to stand a chance of acquiring the best seats in the venue. The limited-run starts October 11 and ends on December 1, 2019.

Outside food is restricted in the theatre. However, those looking to grab a meal should visit the nearby eateries before or after the show. An in-house bar, on the other hand, can quench your thirst during the event. Wear something casual and smart but carry warm attire. The air-conditioning in the venue can make the internal space too cold for some to bear.

When you book online tickets, keep a copy of the voucher saved on your phone. Carry valid photo ID on the day of the theatre visit along with the voucher for easy and convenient entry.