Opera Garnier Guided Tour

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Learn the rich history of the Opera Garnier

Commonly known as Opera Garnier, the Palais Garnier is a famous opera in Paris. Construction for this 1,979-seat opera house began in 1861 and finished fourteen years later. Opera Garnier was formerly the Salle des Capucines as it stands on the Boulevard des Capucines. Later, it was renamed to the Palais Garnier as homage to Charles Garnier, the architect. Take a tour of this amazing attraction and allow the picturesque, quaint appeal of the opera charm you.

Dive into the building’s history and find out why many consider it the world’s most renowned opera house. The 1910 Gaston Leroux’s novel The Phantom of the Opera and its film adaptations draw their setting from the Opera Garnier itself. Founded during the Second Empire in Paris, the building is the most expensive and a first-rank masterpiece. Learn how it gained worldwide popularity in a short time by visiting it today.

Stunning architecture and artwork

Opera Garnier - Inside Opera Garnier
Inside Opera Garnier

Immerse yourself in the feeling of grandeur while you walk through the memorable landmark, basking in the greatness of the artworks and paintings on display. As per the Italian theatre tradition, the French auditorium is a horseshoe shape, organising seats categorically. The design allows the audience to properly see the stage and the performers to see the audience. The gigantic chandelier attached above weighs 8 tonnes and holds 340 lights.

Stucco, marble, gilding and velvet conceal the metallic structure of the auditorium. Marvel at the wondrous works of art and architectural beauty of the Opera Garnier. The former house curtain was the work of theatrical painters Philippe Chaperon and Auguste Rube, who created it as per the instructions of Charles Garnier. Identical versions later replaced it in 1951 and 1996. Take your time to admire Marc Chagall’s painted ceiling, first unveiled in 1964. André Malraux, the Minister of Culture, commissioned this majestic ceiling, which still stuns visitors to this day.

Opera Garnier - Outside Opera Garnier
Outside Opera Garnier

Backstage access at the Palais Garnier

Your visit to the Opera Garnier gives you backstage access. Stroll through the halls of the Opera Garnier with your guide to discover the history-rich attraction. See the Rotonde des Abonnes, once used as a reception for the audiences. You can also check out the strange design language that Charles used to bring his ideas to life. The beautiful, welcoming hall and the arabesque appearance will leave you speechless.

Acquaint yourself with the prophetess Pythia and join her to visit the foyers, loungers and the auditorium. From there, bask in the wonders of the vast collection of exquisite sculptures, paintings and architectural works highlighted at this museum-cum-theatre.

Get your hands on tickets of the Opera Garnier to embark on a journey filled with stunning art and rich history. The tour starts every day at 11 AM and goes on till 2:30 PM, letting you make the most of your visit.


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