The Kite Runner

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Watch Khaled Hosseini’s global best-selling novel brought to life as a spectacular new theatrical play by Matthew Spangler. Witness an unforgettable and outstanding tour de force in theatres near you in Salford. Based on the novel that touched millions worldwide, it’s a captivating tale of friendship and struggle. Explore continents and culture and follow a man’s journey to face his past and attain redemption.

The Success of The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner is Hosseini’s debut novel, first published in 2003. The Afghan-American author’s book tells the story of a young boy and his childhood friendship intricately woven around a terrified and torn nation. The storyline is profoundly compelling and explores different worlds and themes – father-son relationship, friendship, childhood, monarchy, refugee life and a terror-ridden country at war.

The book was in the New York Times bestseller list for more than two years, selling over 7M copies in the US alone. The story received high acclaims as a novel, and so did its theatrical adaptation. Later, in 2014, the Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company’s production of the story, directed by Giles Croft, was shortlisted for the WhatsOnStage Awards’ 2014 Best Regional Production. Following its success, the production transferred to the West End in December 2016, playing a limited run at the Wyndham’s Theatre until March 2017, and another at the Playhouse Theatre from June till August. Finally, it returns for the audiences of Salford to take you on a journey you will always remember. So why wait? Get your Kite Runner tickets today and prepare yourself for a unique and truly captivating story.

Is There a Way to be Good Again?

Afghanistan is on the verge of war. As an already divided country, this upheaval is about to tear the unbreakable childhood friendship of two friends. Oblivious to the terror headed their way, Amir and Hassan enjoy Kabul’s fine afternoon skies and an exciting kite-flying tournament. However, soon their lives are going to change forever.

Like the book, Amir is the narrator of the story. He is burdened with unresolved guilt. Leaving 1970s Kabul behind, he is now in 2000s America where he receives a phone call telling him, “There is a way to be good again”. With these words in mind, Amir must embark on a dangerous trip back home during the American invasion, into Kabul, which is now ruled by the Taliban.

Grab your Kite Runner tickets and journey with Amir through childhood and into the future. What happens to his kite-flying childhood partner? What is Amir’s unatoned sin? Will home still feel the same after all these years? Find out by catching the theatrical spectacular that has captivated audiences at theatres all over.

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