The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

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starring Shobna Gulati, Ian Kelsey and Christina Bianco!

Get Ready For the Olivier Award-Winning Comedy Drama – The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is the tale of a gifted young woman, Little Voice. She has a hidden talent for singing like the top divas of the 20th Century. However, she lives a lonely life in a northern town. Her only aim is to live safely in her room and spend time with her records. But she never gets the opportunity to live the life she desires as her mother’s lifestyle is entirely different. The local impresario Ray pushes Little Voice to utilise her hidden talent and steal the limelight. Gradually, her transformation amazes everyone. This rise of Little Voice erupts the conflict between the mother and the daughter. If you want to know the brutal, beautiful, and timeless tale of Little Voice, all you need is to book its ticket for you and your loved ones. 

Cast and Crew

What makes The Rise and Fall of Little Voice a timeless play is its cast and crew. Christina Bianco plays the role of Little Voice; Little’s mother, Mari, is played by Shobna Gulati, while Ian Kelsey plays the role of Ray Say. Jim Cartwright directs the play with his creative excellence. It is a Northern Comedy that has steered away from idealism. All characters are real but, at the same time, quirky. A feature common in all characters is that they are more straightforward than usual comedy characters. The language reflects the realistic Northern dialect and sometimes transforms it into poetic rhythms. In some places, the poetry overshadows the realism and words and takes the audiences somewhere else from the materialistic world. In the very next moment, the audience will be taken back to reality. This is the beauty of this great piece of art. Being the audience, you will be roaming around the materialistic world and the euphoria of a serene and noiseless environment. 

A Play You Just Can’t Miss

Jim Cartwright is a resident of Lancashire. He started his career with the play Road, staged in 1986 at the Royal Court Theatre. His first venture was awarded the Samuel Beckett Award, Drama Magazine’s Best New Play Award, and many other awards; this play exposed his excellence to the world. His other remarkable works include Bed, and TWO. The Rise and Fall of Little Voice added another feather to his crown. The protagonist, Little Voice, always was searching for peace, but in reality, she found her divine voice in a noisy world that she wanted to avoid. The play overcomes the limitations of a comedy and establishes itself as a comic tragedy. The characters have connected the bridge between idealism and reality. If you enjoy watching plays that provide you with enough food for thought, you must not miss the opportunity of watching this play. So book your tickets and enjoy!

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