Airport Transfers

Travellers visiting London from various parts of the world often look for airport transfers beforehand to take the hassle out of their journey. There are many options to choose from, each with their perks. Depending on the destination airport, London airport transfers can take varying amounts of time. You can take trains, buses or private vehicles to get from the airport to your hotel. However, bus and train transfers are often cheaper than car transfers and, in most cases, quicker.

Heathrow is London’s biggest airport and one of the closest to the city centre, but there are several others – Luton, Stansted, London City, Southend and Gatwick. With their passenger numbers combined, they form the busiest airport system in the world. Overall, the six airports serve nearly four hundred international destinations. Heathrow and Luton airports are almost 39 miles apart. Similarly, the distance between Gatwick and Heathrow and Stansted and Heathrow are 37.7 miles and 63 miles, respectively.

Tourists have several options when looking for airport transfers. When travelling to or from Gatwick, you can either take the superfast London Gatwick Express train or opt for a bus transfer. People going to and from Heathrow can use the London Heathrow Express train, which takes a mere fifteen minutes to get to central London. Alternatively, tourists landing at Luton airport can take a bus transfer to Victoria Station. Lastly, visitors heading from Stansted Airport can use the Express train service to travel to the heart of the capital. So, book your airport transfer tickets today to easily access London and its airports.

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