Helicopter 1-on-1 Flying Lesson

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Live Your Piloting Dreams

There are very few of us who did not dream of flying a fighter jet or an airbus as a child. Every time we saw an airplane or a helicopter, we would marvel at them and wave excitedly until they leave our eyesight. As we grew up, not all of us could become a pilot. But there is still hope. Your dreams of flying amidst the clouds are not over yet. With the supervision and training from top experts, you can learn to fly a swanky helicopter. If you are in New York or live nearby, then it becomes easier for you. The best flying trainers will guide you in the exclusive one-on-one flying lesson. You need no previous training or knowledge for the program. Just sign up and fulfil your life-long dream of flying a helicopter with the New York Helicopter Lesson.

Best-In-Class Flying Training with Top Experts

New York Helicopter Lessons provide private flying training to helicopter enthusiasts. Well-trained pilots with extensive knowledge and experience of flying will guide you through the entire program, ensuring the best safety and security measures. The supervisors will take you through a comprehensive briefing on the ground before you take off. You will have access to advanced Robinson R44 to learn hands-on flying techniques. The best part of the training program, however, is that the trainers will provide you one-on-one training sessions with their undivided attention and care, so nothing can disrupt your adventure. First-time learners will be taught the basic manoeuvres under strict supervision, while your trainer will fly the chopper. Once you are adept enough to be in the air on your own, your trainer will hand over the controls of the helicopter to you. Anyone over the age of 14 can sign up for the New York Helicopter Lesson. However, the maximum weight of the learner should be within 250 pounds and the total weight of the passengers should not cross 500 pounds.

A Fun-Filled Adventure

The New York Helicopter Lesson is not just about learning to fly a helicopter all by yourself. Rather, it is a brilliant opportunity for you to explore the city skyline in a way you have never before seen. Enjoy the breath-taking views of the cityscape as you fly over the Hudson Valley, Westchester County, as well as the New York coastline. See how the majestic ocean splashes across the shore in the beautiful light of the sunset. Take in the rejuvenating breeze as you venture away from the tall skyscrapers. Once you are ready to fly without an instructor, don’t forget to bring a guest so that you can click pictures and take videos of the beautiful views from up there in the sky. You can also relax with the complimentary drinks and snacks at the Pilot’s Lounge right at the training centre. If you have a partner who is as enthusiastic about adventures and flying as you, nothing serves better than this experience as an exhilarating date.


  • Important Information

    The maximum weight for passengers is 250 pounds, and the combined weight of both passengers must not exceed 500 pounds.

    Lessons are not permitted in New York City airspace.

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