Are you a fan of visually appealing art and historic collections? If so, then do not skip the most popular exhibitions in London on display in some of the city’s iconic galleries. Their intriguing lineup of unique creations and relics let you get your dose of art most efficiently. London exhibitions are open again and it is time for you to get up and close with some of the world’s most valuable, rare and never-seen-before items. Book your tickets for ongoing exhibitions or plan ahead for another day.

Art is an integral part of the city’s unbeatable culture. In fact, it is the most vibrant creative scene in London and it can be seen nearly anywhere you go. It is home to about 1,500 permanent exhibitions, and whether you are searching for something old or contemporary, you can find a gallery with all that you want to see. If you visit The Queen’s Gallery Exhibitions at Buckingham Palace, you will come across a dedicated museum housing the iconic works of Leonardo da Vinci and a varied collection of treasures and art from the Royal Collection found nowhere else on Earth. The Churchill War Rooms is another exhibition among the many where you can discover different unheard stories of Westminster and WWII. You can explore the wartime bunker and also learn about Sir Winston Churchill. These are examples of the most remarkable London exhibitions which you can. There are many other historic and art exhibitions for you to explore.

The city’s ambience is set by history and art. It consists of a creative lifestyle unlike anywhere else. Visitors and Londoners can take the opportunity to explore amazing things on display in the London exhibitions at your own pace. Book your tickets and head out today.

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Tower of London Tickets

with Crown Jewels and Beefeater Tour
  • Visit the 1000-year-old Tower of London, a UNESCO World Heritage site!
  • Marvel at the Crown Jewels and other royal regalia.
  • Explore the Royal Armouries collection in the White Tower, built by William the Conqueror.
  • A wide-ranging collection of art and treasures from the Royal Collection
  • An exhibition dedicated to the works of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Explore the historic wartime bunker
  • Discover the stories hidden beneath the streets of Westminster and learn about the lives of the staff working there during the Second World War
  • Learn the story of Winston Churchill's 90-year life from childhood till his death