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Learn the history of British democracy on this Houses of Parliament Tour

The Houses of Parliament – also known as the Palace of Westminster – is the meeting place of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Located on the North Bank of the River Thames, the Houses of Parliament is a symbol of British democracy. It is one of the centres of the British Government’s political life, as well as a perfect example of neo-Gothic construction. Purchase tickets for a Houses of Parliament Tour and meet your guide at the designated meeting point to embark on a journey through Britain’s history.

The Palace of Westminster, situated by the Thames, was established between 1840 and 1870. Resting within it is the Westminster Hall, built between 1097and 1099 by William II. Several royal residents remodelled and extended the Palace until the 1500s. Later, a fire damaged the private chambers in 1512, and Henry VIII moved to Whitehall. Lawyers and politicians moved in afterwards, and the Palace became the Houses of Parliament. You can discover the history and secrets of the Palace in details by taking the tour.

Houses of Parliament tour - The Houses of Parliament
The Houses of Parliament

A stunning exploration of the Palace of Westminster

The tour gets better, as you do more than merely seeing the Palace’s beauty. You also gain insight into the building’s history as the guide takes you through its most magnificent sections, such as how designer August Pugin built it.

The tour starts from Westminster Hall, the Palace’s oldest and grandest part. The guide takes you to the Royal Staircase and the Queen’s Robing Room. Afterwards, you visit the Royal Gallery and the Prince’s Chamber. Upon exiting the Chamber, walk through numerous other lobbies and rooms, which includes the House of Commons. During your visit, you explore the House of Lords – the apex of the Houses of Parliament Tour, with just a handful of visitors. Stand only a few feet away from the Queen’s Throne and listen to intriguing stories about events that occurred in the room.

Houses of Parliament tour - The exterior
The exterior

See behind the scenes on this exclusive out-of-hours tour

Witness the Palace’s spectacular Victorian architecture as well as the various chambers and galleries it accommodates. See a plethora of paintings and frescoes created over centuries by historical artists like Daniel Maclise and William Dyce. Your guide is well versed in British history, and you get to learn a lot about the powerful Tudor dynasty that dominates a significant part of Britain’s background.

What makes the Houses of Parliament Tour brilliant is more than just its history. For lovers of art and architecture, the Palace is a must-visit destination. The collection of art and the jaw-dropping construction makes it a once in a lifetime experience. Check out the splendour of the House of Lords and walk in the Queen’s footsteps almost without crowds.

The two-hour guided tour starts at 4 PM. Please note that the Houses of Parliament prohibits photography inside the premises.


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    The guided tour begins at 4 PM. You must meet your guide at least 15 minutes before the start of your tour.

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