The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels Tickets

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From £21.50
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Main features

  • Tickets to the Tower of London
  • Guided tour of the tower
  • Live recreations

Why choose this?

This English milestone par excellence has become a symbol of royalty and a setting for key historical events in European history. Explore the crown jewels and the exhibitions they include: Coins and Kings, and Kings Lineage.

These Tower of London tickets also give you access to the Yeomen Custodians’ guided tour, live historical recreations, the White Tower tour, children’s activity trails and much more!


  • Visit the Queen’s crown jewels, one of the highlights and must-see aspects of a visit to the Tower of London.
  • Explore the White Tower, built by William the Conqueror, which today houses a collection of the Royal Armory.
  • Walk through the surprisingly vivid colors and comfortable furnishings of the medieval palace
  • Join the tour of the famous Yeomen custodians and listen to the exciting tales of the Tower’s past.
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