The Tower of London and the Crown Jewels

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The Tower of London: royal history on the River Thames

The Tower of London is officially known as Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress. Founded by William the Conqueror as part of the Norman Conquest of England in the 1070s, the historic castle stands proud on the River Thames’ north bank near Tower Bridge. It has had royal historical significance ever since. You can visit the Tower and learn about its importance in British history. Purchase Tower of London crown jewels tickets to see the tower, as well as its treasures.

The oldest part of the castle is the White Tower, where the castle derives its name. Established in 1078, many considered it a despised symbol of torture inflicted by the new ruler over London. Throughout history, the tower served several purposes, including a prison that held several famous prisoners. It went through several phases of modifications over almost a thousand years, mainly under Richard I, Henry III and Edward I. It accommodated the royal mint until the early 19th century, a menagerie till 1835, as well as barrack for troops, an armoury, and records office. Until the seventeenth century, it was also a royal residence.

Tower of London crown jewels - The Crown Jewels
The Crown Jewels

Behold the Crown Jewels

The Tower of London is famous for its extensive collection of priceless jewels. They are one of the most visited London attractions. Part of the Royal Collection, they comprise the British Monarchy’s finest treasures. The Tower of London crown jewels also includes the monarch’s crowns worn during coronation and at the Parliament’s opening.

The Tower became a store for royal treasure and regalia in 1303 when some of the treasures were stolen from St Peter’s Abbey at Westminster. Since the Tower was the most reliable spot for the jewels’ safekeeping, the remaining treasures were moved here. The regalia houses 23,578 stones today, with each piece telling its own intriguing story. During your visit, take a look at the world’s largest cur colourless diamond – the Cullinan I – and marvel at the famous Koh-i-Nur’s unmatched beauty.

Tower of London crown jewels - The infamous Traitor's Gate
The infamous Traitor’s Gate

Take a free guided tour with Yeomen Warders

Originally part of the Yeoman of the Guard, Yeoman Warders were the sovereign’s personal bodyguard. They travelled everywhere with him. Twenty-two years of military service makes a Yeoman Warder. They must reach the rank of warrant officer and also receive the long service and good conduct medal. After Henry VIII chose a part of the royal security to guard the Tower, he granted the Warders the right to wear the glorious red uniform. The Warders still wear their State Dress Uniform to this day on special occasions, like the monarch’s birthday.

Legends say that the kingdom will fall if the six resident ravens abandon the fortress. If you are lucky enough, you can meet the famous ravens of the Tower and learn why they are called guardians of the Tower.

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and take in the magnificence of the Tower of London crown jewels. Learn the fascinating history of this landmark and marvel at its architecture with friends and family. Grab your tickets now!


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