Housesteads Roman Fort: Admission Ticket

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Discover the Roman Heritage of England in Housesteads Roman Fort

England is a country of rich heritage. Its history dates way back to ancient times, connecting it to the glorious Roman civilization. As time moved on, England made its way to become one of the mightiest forces on the planet. However, it still retains the old-world heritage in its abundant ruins and remnants of the past. One such reminder of the majestic heritage of the Roman empire is undoubtedly Hadrian’s Wall. Stretching from coast to coast, the historic stone wall that guarded the northeast frontier of the Roman province of Britannia still stands tall as a reminder of the Roman Legacy. Although the major portion of the iconic Hadrian’s Wall is now in complete ruins, you can still experience the magnificence of the ancient architecture in Housesteads Roman Fort.

Among the forts situated along Hadrian’s Wall, this is one of the best maintained and important Roman military strongholds. Built around 122 BCE, this ancient fortress is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It remains the most complete example of Roman forts in Britain and one of the most famous ones across the Roman Empire. The fort’s construction began around the same time the wall was built. Evidence suggests an astounding 800 infantry regiments were garrisoned at the fort until the better part of the 4th century. Today, the place is one of the major excavation sites of England with great historical importance.

Immerse Yourself in the Charm of the Ancient Era

The iconic fort witnessed the ancient Roman era when the world used to be different from what you know now. So naturally, a visit to Housesteads Roman Fort will give you a glimpse of the forgotten period. The excavation at the site revealed that the fort consisted of buildings that housed large cavalry and infantry, barrack blocks, communal toilets and bathrooms, and even a hospital for the military. Beyond the fort, you will get to see the remains of the Roman defence, civilian settlement, and the stunning view from the dramatic escarpment of the Hadrian’s Wall. Take a tour of the fort and the wall to understand the time and traditions of the period. Also, it is your best chance to initiate the younger ones into history.

So much to see, so much to do

Beyond its historical importance, the magnificent fort offers you an abundance of activities and experiences to make it a perfect day-out trip. The scenic beauty of the place is one thing you will never forget in your life. The view from the barracks as well as the view of the marvellous Northumberland National Park, is breathtakingly beautiful. Further, the heritage fort now houses a museum to give you a deeper insight into the place. It showcases archaeological artefacts and recreations of Roman buildings that give you a snapshot of everyday life in Housesteads Roman Fort 2000 years ago. Also, don’t forget to dress up as a Roman soldier and take lots of selfies!

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